Nafukovací plovák RRD Airwindsurf Freestyle Wave V2

Kód: 24AWFSW
Značka: RRD
34 700 Kč
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RRD Freestylewave V2. Windsurfingová budoucnost.

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It is a compact, full planing board which can be used both in strong wind and waves, a real inflatable Freestylewave board.
You can sail it easily in the largest variety of conditions, make tight turns and jumps.
We have achieved excellent results in terms of stiffness thanks to our 3x Sandwich Dyneema Belt which provides the performance needed to be able to ride it on choppy water and waves without compromise.
The 3x SBS Sandwich Dyneema Belts provides maximum stiffness and this is exactly how this board will feel when trying to flex it.
In order to guarantee and improve the performance the Airwindsurf Freestyle Wave is assembled with specific exclusive accessories:
The ITB or “Integrated Tuttle Box” system that is moulded and glued inside the board to create the same stiffness as a composite board.
The exclusive SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile with a hollow chamber that allows to create a perfect water release off the board’s hull and rolls up perfectly and quickly without creating wrinkles on the TUE line.


FSW V2 Velikost Fin + Box system Doporučené plachty Váha ±5%
100 LTS 220x60x12 CM K4 x RRD 3SW 32 – TUTTLE BOX 4.0-6.0 8,2 KG



  • 220cmX60cmX12 size.
  • The 3x Sandwich Dyneema belts means stiffness and performance.
  • The exclusive ITB or Integrated Tuttle Box system eases easy planing and acceleration.
  • The SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile to achieve the best possible water release and improve start of planing.
  • Straight line grooved/brushed surface footpad for maximum grip in all kind of transitions.

V komplet vchází:

  • Pumpa s manometrem (lze pumpovat nahoru i dolu)
  • Batoh s kolečky který můžete dat i na záda
  • 1x Fina 3SW 32
  • 4x Originální RRD nastavitelné poutka na suchý zip
  • Lepicí sada

freestyle wave v2 air windsurfing rrd windsurfing karlin 100 litru

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Kategorie: Windsurfing, 100 l
Rok výroby: 2019

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