Plachty na foil

3 položek celkem
f wing 2 kembrova placha windsurfing karlin rrd
29 000 Kč –55 %
Plachta RRD F-Wing MK1
SKLADEM (2 ks)
12 999 Kč

Jako naprostou novinku pro rok 2019 představujeme 2 kembrovou plachtu RRD F-Wing. Ať už hledáš plachtu pro Foiling nebo Freeriding, RRD F-Wing je tím perfektním řešením.

24FWG - 349.0
rrd compact freefoil Y25 742x1030
od 20 200 Kč –15 %
od 17 190 Kč

All the attributes of the freefoil, all the convenience of the compact series. Ligth, lots of power, whilst staying neutral in the gust. Perfect for comfortable foiling for...

25CFF - 444.0
plachta na foil hydrofoil windsurfing karlin rrd
od 20 250 Kč –15 %
od 17 250 Kč

Foilova plachta. For foilers that want to be free. Low end power to get flying. Neutral control in the gusts. For all foilers from starter to advanced free foilers.

25FF 444.0