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Bar Cabrinha Operating System
od 17 400 Kč
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The most critical piece of equipment in kiteboarding is the Control System. A system that you not only you rely on for your safety and well being, it’s also the direct link...

global bar y26
10 090 Kč
14 400 Kč (–29 %)
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Simplicity is our mission. We remove any unnecessary items, instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply said: You cannot break what does not exist.  

bar global rrd y27 new model na rok 2022 na kity nafukovaci nejlepsi bar
14 500 Kč
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Equipped with the legendary rigid thread flying lines. 2 different sizes available 52cm (23m lines) and 48cm (21m lines). Intuitive fast release and reload chichen loop.  

Leash na kite RRD Handlepass Long
1 350 Kč
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Univerzální bezpečnostní long handlepass kite leash. Spolehlivý a komfortní handlepass kite leash s bezpečnostním mechanismem.

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