Foil kiteboardy

9 položek celkem
rrd squid y25 1 742x1030
19 500 Kč –15 %
16 500 Kč

Multi-purpose hydrofoil / skim-wave board. Low profile kitefoil board with full eva deck. Stiffer construction with quad concave hull. Easy to travel skimboard.

cabrinha special agent foil board na foiling cabrinha windsurfing karlin
17 500 Kč

The Special Agent is a freeride foilboard like no other. It has been freshly designed for riders wanting performance and simplicity in one easy to use foilboard.

k rapida special featured 438x721
38 900 Kč –52 %
18 800 Kč

Velikost boardu je 189,7×70. The K-Rapida Special is the latest development for Kite Racing.

rrd dolphin Y25 1 742x1030
24 700 Kč –15 %
21 000 Kč

Concave deck for instinctive feet positioning. Deep quad concave bottom for maximum stability before flight. 160 to start or heavy weights, 140 for experts or light riders

cotan flight rrd y27
25 800 Kč –15 %
21 950 Kč

Ideální pro foil kite. Snadné ovládaní. Tento tvar je velmi přátelský a snadno se s ním jezdí, ať už jako surfovací prkno pro easy vlny, nebo jako vaše každodenní foilové...

rrd manta 135 Y27 karlin shop
28 000 Kč –15 %
23 800 Kč

Kite foilboard. Výborná velikost na cestovaní. Menší, lehčí a všestrannější to je Manta.

autopilot cabrinha kitefoil board windsurfing karlin
30 200 Kč –15 %
25 800 Kč

The all new Autopilot foil board literally flies Cabrinha into the next generation of surfing. This remastered design brings forward years of Cabrinha’s pioneering experience in...

foil xbreed cabrinha windsurfing karlin
28 900 Kč

Evolution helps us adapt to the changing environment and it's no different in kitesurfing.

cutlass cabrinha foil
28 900 Kč

In what could possibly be one of the most fun boards to ride, the Cutlass is a performance fish model. With a slightly wider nose and wide point just front of center, the...