Mast a fuselage

Neilpryde Glide HP Carbon Fuselage
6 800 Kč
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Samostatně Fuselage/trup k Hydrofoilum Neilpryde Glide HP.  

rrd quicklock plate universal alu mast overview rev (1)
od 9 700 Kč
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RRD Quicklock Universal Alu Mast Speciální system.

rrd hydrfoil accessories swk foil mast carbon y27
30 190 Kč
31 900 Kč (–5 %)
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The new SWK Carbon 1.5 / 13 / 85 is dedicated to those who love to have more control at high speeds.

rrd hydrfoil accessories swk foil mast alu category y26 rev 2
od 7 190 Kč
8 900 Kč (až –19 %)
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The new wider profile and stiffer Universal ALU mast with integrated plate is the top combination for speed potential and superior control.

RRD Universal Carbon Fuselage
9 400 Kč
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Our R&D process is continuosly pushing towards better and lighter equipment. The new Universal Carbon Fuselage is for those who are asking more and want to take their riding...

rrd hydrfoil accessories swk fuselage category y26 rev
od 6 100 Kč
+ další

The new Universal fuselage has an extra wide head area to carry and support super wide wings (up to 120 cms wingspan and 2500 sqcms) and entirely redesigned for maximum lightweight

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