Foil na windsurfing

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deep tuttle box adapter neilpryde
3 990 Kč

Deep Tuttle adapter for Glide Surf and Glide Wind Foils.

power box adapter na foily
4 390 Kč
3 990 Kč

Powerbox and Plate adaptor for the Glide Series Foils.

surf plate neilpryde
4 990 Kč

Surf plate adapter for Glide Surf and Glide Wind Foils.  

NPF4EVO carbon foil neilpryde 2020
54 500 Kč
32 700 Kč

The FLIGHT F4 EVO foil is the Formula One racing foil in our range. This evolution has been designed in collaboration with F4 USA. The FLIGHT F4 EVO features a full carbon...

GLIDEWIND23 foil na windsurfing neilpryde (1)
od 24 400 Kč
od 19 520 Kč

GLIDE WIND is our friendly, easy-cruising and carving foil, also suitable for wave riding and basic freestyle moves. Ever dreamed about foiling but felt that it might be too...

wou dynamic pro ws carbon
78 200 Kč
66 500 Kč

WS-Windsurfing hydrofoil RRD. Full pre preg 100% M40 carbon mast for superior stiffness. Variety of optional components to improve performance and suit any pro rider's need....

rrd dynamic studio 00 WS ALU 768 y26 windsurfing foil rrd
36 600 Kč
31 100 Kč

Freerace rychlý foil na windsurfing. WS-Windsurfing hydrofoil RRD.

dynamic foil na windsurfing 1600 rrd new mode y26
36 600 Kč
31 100 Kč

Vítejte v hydrofoilové budoucnosti vodních sportů. WS-Windsurfing hydrofoil RRD pro freerideové použití. Windsurfingový freeride hydrofoil umožňující snadné začátky a...

wh alu set komplet foil na windsurfing karlin shop
29 990 Kč
21 900 Kč

Hydrofoil RRD pro freerideové použití. Hydrofoil na windsurfing, vhodné pro mírně a středně pokročilé jezdce. Fuselage 120 pro lepší stabilitu a snadný jibing.