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freestyle pro wave jp 2022
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The hunt for versatility stops right here! The JPs have always been the true classics in the Freestyle Wave class because they are super balanced and incredible fun in the widest possible wind and water range.

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Doprava zdarma
Doprava zdarma
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Kamenná prodejna v Praze
Od Roku 2005 stále na stejné adrese
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Komplexní servis a poradenství
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freestyle wave

obrazek na zemi cely plovak pro 2022 freestyle pro

The demands for Werner Gnigler’s new shapes were not extensive, they were as simple as it gets: Just make them better without sacrificing in any segment. A very tricky task when you have to improve our already market-leading all-rounders but with the development of the Magic Wave in his pocket, our shaper already had a pretty clear idea what to do. Werner: “I planned to maintain the proven proportions of width, length and volume as they are key to overall ease and let us offer the perfect balance between all disciplines. The major change I had in mind was that I wanted to re-work the bottom curve…”

By popular demand, 2022 sees the return of the Pro Edition! Coming with the same layup as the Freestyle boards, the FSWs now feature a Carbon Innegra deck! (also see technology)
Additionally, all Pro Edition sizes come with the JP Foil-Powerbox and are ready for foil action! Even the small FSW 78 features this reinforced fin box which probably makes it the smallest board for foiling on the market. This box widens the total wind range and opens the options for this new discipline of ‘flying’.
All Freestyle Waves come with thruster fin boxes: The main Powerbox and two side fin boxes and covers (PRO: with two small side fins).

New G-10 fin: The Pro Edition boards now also come with a new fin shape featuring more area towards the tip. The new curvy outline comes with a smooth swept back rake angle. Thus, in combination with the new carbon Side Wave fins, the new G10 fin provides more drive and a secure, steady ride in combination with outstanding manoeuvrability.

obrazek na zemi cely plovak pro 2022 freestyle pro flosny

1. JP's fastest and most-maneuverable all-water toy

5. Compact shape provides pure control and stability in choppy conditions

2. Highwind bump & jump and freeride board

6. Foil Approved Fin Box (LXT only)

3. Big range of use including freeriding, wave, freestyle and now foil, too!


4. Most direct feel through reduced swing weight



obrazek na zemi cely plovak pro 2022 freestyle pro poutko

technology PRO jp 2022

Carbon-Innegra determines the appearance of this technology. This carbon-polypropylene fibre hybrid makes the boards super stiff for a direct feel and explosive pop. It shines because of its unmatched impact resistance which is vital for all the aerial freestyle moves. Sustainable materials: It features PET-recycled high-density sandwich (4,10) layers in deck and bottom. Technology details are the integrated Innegra nose reinforcement (16), various stringers (3,5), the Parabolic Rail band (13), and a Quadraxial fibre construction (11) in the full standing area.
Equipped with a G-10 fin and the JP Foil-Powerbox.

FREESTYLE WAVE PRO Délka cm Šířka cm Litráž Váha +/-6%
Finy Fin box Plachty
78 227 57 78 5.9 1x Freestyle Wave 21 G10 + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM 1x Foil-Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle
ideal:4.0-5.8 rec.:<6.2
84 230 59 84 6.0 1x Freestyle Wave 23 G10 CNC
+ 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
1x Foil-Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle
94 230 61 94 6.6 1x Freestyle Wave 25 G10 CNC
+ 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
1x Foil-Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle
104 233 63 104 6.8 1x Freestyle Wave 27 G10 CNC
+ 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
1x Foil-Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle
114 233 65 114 7.1 1x Freestyle Wave 29 G10 CNC
+ 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
1x Foil-Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle
        RTM = Resin Transfer Molded PB = Powerbox   MT= Mini Tuttle Box

PRO na zemi 2022 freestyle pro jp 2022

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