Plovák RRD Evolution Flight Y26 E-Tech

Kód: 26EFE
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Značka: RRD
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plovak evolution flight y26 rrd
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easy freeride

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The new Evolution Flight has all the features for a great foiling experience at any level. The board is 236 x 91cms of width, with a wide tail area that makes it easy to get up on the foil and control it. The 236cms length will make your learning process an easy one and will become extra functional once you try your first jibes. This board is also very handy when foiling at high speed when you need control during touch downs and works well also for a standard fin windsurfing ride.

range evolutio fliught rrd y26


  • Wide tail and deck shape for an easy ride while in the air or in the water
  • Specific hydrofoil resistant Deep Tuttle Fin Box, also usable with standard fins
  • Full pad for maximum comfort and grip all over the stepping area
  • Middle carry handle for an easier transport to the water
plovak evolution flight y26 rrd  krasny obrazek


Evolution Velikost Finy Doporučené plachty Váha ±5%
147 LTS 236X91 CM No fin -TUTTLE HEAD / FOIL BOX 5.0-9.0 9,8 KG

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Kategorie: Bez středové kačeny, 147 l
Rok výroby: 2021

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