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Revoluce v závodních plachtách. 3 Cambrová slalomová plachta od Point-7 Ac-One z kolekce Zero2019

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In the last year, we have been working towards a totoal non-comrpomise racing sail.





Approach the AC-One and start feeling both a little scared and excited about what’s about to happen! The feeling is amplified tenfold when you launch the deep-drafted, scary-looking, PWA World Champion race sail. Total Black with perfect Italian racing design. 7 battens, but Point-7 went even further with a 3-cam setup.


Designed for no compromise slalom sailors, who know how to attack jibes and are ready to feel the power of the beast when flipping the sail. For those who don’t just want to be on the podium, but want to be first!


Men PWA SLALOM WORLD CHAMPION Women PWA Vice World Champion PWA Slalom Constructor Sail Champion DEFI WIND WINNER Nation Championships Titles IFCA World Titles



In the last years, we have been working towards a total non-compromise racing sail. We took the sail to have such an outstanding performance that it just gave the extra boost to the fussiest and fastest riders. It was all about no compromise. The foil itself, the tensions of the sail, have today allowed to be re-designed on a 3-cam and 7-batten set up. Taking out 1 cam and 1 batten, it kept the racing grunt from the AC-One alive but donated the extra comfort. The feeling of a freeride easy sail, with lots of racing horse power. The sail is as stable as it can be dreamed off. Does not matter where the wind comes from, nor the gust intensity, you are able to stay in your stance and position without applying any effort, and the board will keep its balance over the water. The new AC-One is delivering a much higher speed than anyone else would expect, and be amazed by its speed in the lighter wind…We did it again!
Andrea Cucchi ITA-1


No compromise Hi-Aspect for endless speed. The base automatically closes the gap on your slalom board. A negative leech to speed up the exiting of the wind. A light feeling on the back hand, giving extra speed and acceleration. The top of the sail has a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind.


7 tubular battens, with 7 different setups to follow the pure slalom foil profile from the sail, including 3 batten construction in batten seven and six.


The choice to have one eyelets for ZERO19. The leach needs a perfect tension to donate the boosted racing performance. The tension needs to be in one exact place on the clew. We have tested many different tensions, and positions, all calculated to the millimeter. We have found the sweet spot for you. No need to waste your time, we did it for you!


Mostly assembled by the 4mil Anti UV-Black Laminate. Highly responsive and reactive for world champion performance. 5mil Anti UV-Black X-ply base panel for protection from accidents. Clear monofilm window for perfect vision through the sail. X-ply batten pockets for lighter weight and improved reflex have been placed on all battens for ZERO19.



3 cams different sized cams are placed in the sail to determine the light pressure and fast rotation on the higher cam and stability, profile and power on the lower cams.




point7 windsurfing karlin


The front boosted profile set by the 3 cams allows a stable entry for the wind to pin down the board and give stability and pressure, which transforms into drive, power and amazing acceleration. The wind swiftly moves to give power exactly where the stance of our body is comfortably centred on the board, and releases quickly and smoothly through the back of the sail, to allow light back hand pressure for pushing on the fin when needed. As the wind increases, the sail will automatically self-adjust its power, thanks to the S-Shaping, along the whole middle upper leech opening. Just hook in and hold on, as the sail will not limit its speed in auto pilot mode. The deep profile will carve the board amazingly, and the flatter foil on the back will give little pressure on the back-hand, allowing comfort through the curve. Be ready to take the sail on the new tack as it will boost you forward with extreme acceleration.


Each size has a well-tested and different size cut-out to allow a comfortable S-shaping release. This brings the sail to have the right S-Shaping performance of the cross batten to allow, according to the size and conditions, the best compromise between power and release. It will always make sailing more comfortable, and the need to adjust the setting of your adjustable outhaul less. The shape of the cut out comfortably welcomes the back end of the boom.




Leaving the beach the sail will totally feel light in your hands. Crank up the throttle and see how you get once set to 6th gear and be ready to absolutely fly! Why? Downforce! Softness and stability! The AC-One pushes the deck down, eliminating any unwanted nose-lift from lively boards and absolutely charges through – or rather over – chop and swell. Yes, it’s insanely powerful yet easy to control as all the power is in the front, leaving the back hand with no effort to be applied. In fact, it is mega, turbo powerful – the acceleration is insane. But the force pins down the hull and leaves you in a nice, high position of control over the thumping V12 at the end of your arms. When it comes to jibing, the entrance to the jibe is easy thanks to its light profile at the rear part of the sail but be ready to handle the boosted power of its acceleration once you flip the sail.

With the 3-cam the rotation became light and smoother than before. The softer feeling from the 2019 foil gives an extra power in light winds, increasing up to 20% performance from the previous years. The transition from lighter winds to stronger gusts, is much smoother. This allows to keep the same stance and body position no matter the wind intensity donating more control, more instant and easy acceleration, no loss of board control. Simply easier and faster!


Not only testing the sail for straight-line speeds, but also checking how the sail would perform in the starts and jibing around the marks with seven other riders closely in pursuit, just as in real competition conditions for which a racing sail is developed. To have the fastest sail on the race course. Comfort on the straight line, power out of the jibes, turbo boosted acceleration, light feel when carving through the jibe. Downward force to pin the board to give the best balance to hover over any water surface. As the AC-One is sold to many slalom riders, for ZERO19 the AC-One has been implemented its brutal power to a super friendly performance, making it even more scary for the competition than ever before!

A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning sail for the World Champion in the PWA Slalom World Tour. The name AC-One derives simply from the initials and sail number of Andrea Cucchi put together. Point-7 founder, head of development, team manager and the man who last year decided to create a group of young professionals and have them train together under the name “BLACK TEAM”.


Velikost Luff Stěžeň Typ stežně Doporučeny carbon % Nástavec Typ nástavce Ráhno Cambry Spiry
5,0 405 370 SDM 80,100 36 sdm 48 170 4 6
5,6 425 400 SDM 80,100 26 sdm 32 180 3 6
6,2 441 400 SDM 80,100 42 sdm 48 190 3 7
7,1 464 430 SDM 80,100 36 sdm 48 194 3 7
7,8 500 460 SDM 80,100 43 sdm 48 212 3 7
8,6 524 490 SDM 80,100 36 sdm 48 230 3 7
9,2 524 490 SDN 80,100 36 sdm 48 240 3 7

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Kategorie: ZÁVODNÍ, 5.0m²
Rok výroby: 2019
? Počet Cambru: 3 cams
? Počet Spir: 6, 7
? Doporučeny stěžeň: SDM

Andrea Cucchi putting under AC-One Zero19 protos

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Point-7 AC-One Zero19: The full race sail!

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