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poison rrd v6 ltd windsurfing karlin
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Jeto nejvyhledánějším freestyle boardem v sortimentu RRD od jeho uvedení na trh.

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freestyle / big air / wake style


poison predni strana kiteboard freestyle rrd v6 ltdpoison zadni strana kiteboard freestyle rrd v6 ltd

The most wanted freestyle board in our range since its introduction. The legendary Poison has always been on top of the game due to its ridiculous grip, light feel, and silly “pop”. Once you use the Poison you immediately fall in love with it. There is something about it that makes it feel just right.

For 2019 The Outline has been slightly re-tuned in a more progressive curved rail shape, creating a wider surface in the center of the board, improving upwind performances and glide capacity in a wide range of conditions. 

The lamination technology combined with the unidirectional carbon stringers, result in less negative flex and more rigidity. This new lay-up, combined with slightly more flex from the top, will result in a more explosive pop, easier speed control, and reduced vibration feel. 

The squared/swallow tips provide more surface area for grip and increased pop. This tip shape creates a higher angle of attack on the water surface making it easier to hold in over-powered conditions, making the Poison V6 the ultimate weapon for big air. This version has a carbon reinforced track system that, in combination with our Rad Pads or boots, enable the rider to make the smallest adjustments needed to perfect their stance for maximum performance.

The Poison is an amazing freestyle board. This version has reinforced channels that in combination with the RRD Rad Pads or boots enable the rider to make the smallest adjustments needed to perfect their stance for maximum performance.

Get ready for the take off, but for this flight seatbelts are not required! 

rrd poison v6 ltd obrazek skok windsurfign karlin
range of rrd poison v6style rrd poison v
  • Anti-torsion box tip design
  • Unidirectional carbon stringers
  • Deep concave in the middle of the board
  • 5mm ABS sidewalls
  • Carbon reinforced ABS track channels for pads
  • CNC shaped mix of Paulownia lighter wood core
  • Deck and bottom Biaxial Carbon 450 grams
poison big air rrd kiteboard v6 ltd


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135 X 39 40-60 Kg
136 X 40 50-65 Kg
137 X 41 60-75 Kg
138 X 42 70-80 Kg
140 X 43 80-95 Kg

RRD POISON V6 from RRD International on Vimeo.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: TWINTIPS
Rok výroby: 2019
Styl jízdy: Freestyle, Wakestyle, Big Air
Finy: 4 x Flow 5
? Vázaní : Originální RRD Rad Pad
? Materiál: LTD

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