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Control and top speed – that’s what it is all about when you want to be on the podium. The three, all-new Slalom boards –62.5, 72 and 85– are designed for blasting at PWA competition speed. Also, lighter riders will remain in control even when fully overpowered enabling them to get up to top speed. The 85 provides great planing power in light conditions. And the smallest 55 has proven its qualities on speed slalom tracks like the Defi Wind.

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Kamenná prodejna v Praze
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Online od Po do Ne 10-23
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racing / slalom / foil

obraze cely plovak 2022 jp slalom pro

When designing the new line, our focus was to increase the average speed across the race course, paying special attention to gybing where some of the biggest gains can be made during a race. Here, the target was to maintain speed throughout the turn and to exit faster.

The 3 new shapes offer an improved, more locked and stable riding position. Far less effort is required to reach and maintain top speed.
The 2 smaller sizes are overall slightly wider to improve early planing and widen the range of use.
The tails of all new models were enlarged proportionally for more leverage towards the fin, resulting in more power and control.

The new smoother deck shape guarantees a more comfortable stance. The rider preserves energy to push his limits on longer runs.
All sizes feature an additional pad wedge between the tail straps providing a more connected feel.

Each board size features a unique tail cut-out configuration to find the perfect mix of release and lengthy rail line for control.

From the mid-section of the board towards the nose we lifted the apex point of the rail. That way we gained some volume in the rail which helps exiting the gybes with speed.

Beside the concave deck shape we used an additional recess for the deck box. The pivot point of the mast base drops and provides additional control when pushing the limits and during the gybe. “Close the gap”: The lowered sail foot creates the most efficient airflow.

The first cut-outs of the 72 and 85 start much further forward and the curve of the cut-outs increases towards the tail. The tail is re-designed for a more even water flow around the fin in order to provide steady fin pressure for permanent power and top speed. The 72 finishes with a wider inner cut-out for more stability and the 85 with a more pointy finish for extra release. The 62,5’s different cut-out starts closer to the fin providing more stability in high winds. Behind the fin, we reduced the surface area for perfect water release.

obrazek jp slalom 2022

1. Perfromance and PWA Slalom competition boards

5Deck outline allows rider to load more power onto the fin for more control and speed.

2. Dual Tail Outlines: Bottom and deck outline individually adjusted to each board size.

 6. Tuttlebox (55, 62); Foil-Tuttlebox (71, 85)

3. Great top end control due to thin profile and sunken deck which centers the swing weight

4. Transforming Vee allows board to ride high and loose


obrazek detail obrazek 2022 jp new

technology slalom pro 2022 new

Biax-Carbon is the stiffest material providing the rigid and solid feel pro riders want to transfer every tiny bit of sail energy into forward momentum. Technology details are the full Biax-Carbon deck, reinforcements in the rail, heel and standing area. Equipped with the JP Foil-Tuttlebox!

SLALOM Délka cm Šířka cm Litráž Váha +/-6%
Fin box Plachty
78 233 55 78 5.3 Tuttlebox ideal:<7.0 rec.:<7.0
95 232 62.5 95 5.9 Tuttlebox ideal:<7.8 rec.:<7.8
117 228 72 111 6.9 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:7.0-8.6 rec.:7.0-8.6
139 228 85 138 7.7 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:<8.6 rec.:<8.6

profil obrazek 2022 jp slalom

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