Stěžeň Point-7 Black Ride - 60% RDM

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Značka: Point-7
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A very price-focused mast that can be used with all our sails. The Blackride 60% carbon offers good performance and enjoyment from any sail used with it.

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A 60% carbon content sing the same high carbon quality as the more expensive masts and produced to the exact Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness. This mast is extremely light for its class and built utilising the same technology and quality of carbon as the BlackPrime. The BlackRide is made in Italy to guarantee optimal quality and performance for its class.


  • A very price-focused mast that can be used with all our sails
  • A great quality mast for all levels of windsurfing
  • Save a bit of cash, and get the right bend-curve for the spine of your sail
  • Offers good performance and enjoyment from any sail used with it
  • 2 layers of carbon and one layer of glass
  • Built in Italy


Point-7 masts are manufactured using the Prepreg-Autoclave process which creates an extremely homogenous carbon/resin mix under high pressure. Using a newly patented procedure which allows the resin to be distributed in equal quantities around the mast walls, the masts are guaranteed to have an equal curve around all its diameter, and thus more uniform in comparison to former production procedures. The resin is reduced to an absolute minimum for unprecedented durability. The resin used is top quality as well and will give support to the carbon even on very hot temperatures and on water crashes.

Délka Průměr Carbon % Tvrdost IMCS Zakřivení Váha (Kg) +-5
370 RDM 60 17 Constant Curve 1.71
400 RDM 60 19 Constant Curve 1.81
430 RDM 60 21 Constant Curve 1.90


Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: RDM - Tenký průměr, 370 cm
Materiál: 60% Carbon
? Typ: Constant Curve
? Průměr: RDM

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