Plovák Patrik F-Race

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Značka: Patrik
58 900 Kč
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Freerace plovák od Patrik boards.

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Most brands simply re-use old slalom models and reduce the cutouts size and set the straps more inboard. Our development was done together with pure dedicated free-racers and some pro-riders who were amazed by the performance in powered conditions against the pure Slalom boards. The slight longer flat under the straps is the key feature for this shape and makes the board plane earlier and ride more stable and safer in the stronger gusts.

obrazek freerace plovak f race patrik boards rychlost


Optical aspect & Footpad:

With the new graphic aspect influenced by Italian designer Fabio Canella we are taking a new direction and be more coloured while still keep it simple.

The 4mm thick over-dotted diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it total 10mm and very nice and comfortable.

Shape Info “short”:

The extra length on the flat area under the straps forgives foot pressure mistakes and keeps the board set and blasting in the stable longitudinal direction. The outline is from the Slalom board but extended in the middle the extra length. The bottom shape is similar to the Slalom boards and run a double concaved V with stabilizing side flats running into a flat panel V under the front strap trough the tail.

Shape Info “Detailed”:


The slight extra longer flat between the straps makes the board more stable and does not react on foot pressure as quick as a slalom and is therefore more forgiving and keeps it speed more constant.

Volume distribution:

Even foot position for maximum performance and balanced body position. The thickness in the front strap to the nose is reduced for its lightweight while still keeping enough for flotation in non-planning conditions.


The outline is identical to the same board width size as the Slalom but is extended in the center to the extra length. The slightly more parallel outline effect into a bit more stability.

Bottom Shape:

The double concaved V with stabilizing side flats from nose to the front strap absorb the chop and gives a comfortable ride. The flat panel V under the straps is releasing the water on the upwind rail when the board is pushed onto the leeward rail and therefore increases acceleration and speed and makes the board manoeuvring controlled trough the jibes.

Rails / Tuck:

The boxy rails in the strap area is comfortable and powerful to push against the fin and drive the board up to top speed and let it fly over the chop. The rails in front of the straps towards the nose are very boxy in comparison to the thickness and let the water flow of the rail low with least friction.

Deck Shape:

A flat deck through the whole board is the stable platform in non-planning conditions and jibes.

Fin boxes:

Short Tuttle box for 100, 110 and the Deep Tuttle Foil box for 120, 130, 140, 150.


obrazek freerace plovak f race patrik boards


For this board instead of the Biax Carbon used on the Slalom boards the dedicated Freeracer wished for a more impact proof material and the full Carbon/Kevlar is just the right material for lightness and extra strength. On the bottom the decision was clear and the more comfortable ride with the Biax Glass is no doubt the right choice.

F-Race Délka
(+/-6%) [kg]
Doporučené plachty
Fin Box

Velikost finy[mm]

100 2375 600 100 6,25 4.5-7.2 Tuttle box 320 G10
110 2380 650 110 6,67 5.0-8.0 Tuttle box 360 G10
120 2380 700 120 7,33 6.0-8.7 Deep Foil Box 400 G10
130 2355 750 130 7,67 6.5-9.2 Deep Foil Box 440 G10
140 2355 800 140 8,02 7.0-9.8 Deep Foil Box 480 G10
150 2340 850 150 8,42 7.5-10.5 Deep Foil Box 500 G10

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Kategorie: Preferuji rychlost
Rok výroby: 2021
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PATRIK boards presentation of 2020 range

PATRIK F Race 2020

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