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Plachta Point-7 Ac-X

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5 hodnocení
Značka: Point-7
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Velikost v m²
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Bez Cambrová rychlá freerace plachta od Point-7 Ac-X z kolekce Zero2020

Detailní informace

Detailní popis produktu

freerace / slalom bez kembrů

plachta yellow zero2020 ac-x point7 windsurfing karlin freerace

l-graphDESIGNED FORr-graph

Slalom speed seekers, who don’t like the hassle of cams, but want to make sure that what they have in their hands, has been developed in each detail to the millimeter. If cambered sails are not your cup of tea, then the sheer performance specs and looks of the AC-X should be the one for you. Let the wind fill in the sail, and you’ll be smiling seeing others eating your spray!


The fastest slalom sail with no cams ever, without compromise. A magazine test winner from 2014 to 2018 for its high-end speed and control. 10+ has been its vote in speed. Isn’t being the fastest what you are looking for all the time?

l-graphIT'S CHARACTERr-graph

The AC-X is developed to be the fastest sail on the water and has proved itself on many magazine tests, without having a wide mast sleeve and cambers. The high-end performance will give you the high speed that you have always dreamed about, with minimal effort and easy handling characteristics. Probably the lightest seven batten no cam sail on the market, and high-end performance of the sail that excels even further in over-powered conditions. Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions, combined with a very locked-in feeling that is only comparable to a cambered sail.

l-graphON THE WATERr-graph

It certainly has all the feel and drama of meaning business on the water Yes, it has no cams! No need to look twice on the sail sleeve: if you can’t believe that the sail has such a good performance with no cams, just go for the first jibe, and you will straight away realize that the AC-X has really no cams!The sail is balanced between both arms and delivers pure slalom performance to the board and fin, to keep the trim on the rail. The sail has the same wind range as a pure race sail, it has an amazing upwind performance for a non-cam sail, and the deeper Dacron profile implements a comfortable drive through the jibe. The profile with Dacron layers, absorbs the chop and waves allowing more control and enabling a higher average speed across the waters compared to the previous version. Once planing the acceleration, the AC-X provides is simply another level – it seems to find another gear with every subsequent gust. It demands being paired with a fast free-race or slalom board – something that has the capacity to keep up with it! When you venture into powered and overpowered conditions, you discover the AC-X’s true personality – it is a true free-race thoroughbred, finding favour with the taller, heavier rider that can use the energy it delivers. The centre of effort is locked firmly in place yet comes from such a high location that it best suits those with an assertive riding style. It helps lift the rider’s stance and push the board’s speed, making it fly on its fin. Carry this speed into the turn and the AC-X has the balance and handling to reposition easily, the lower luff panel breathing to soften the delivery and provide the extra low- end power to complete the transition efficiently.

l-graphFOR ZERO20r-graph

The profile as been reworked to speed up the rotation and drive in the jibe.



Winner of many national slalom championships in different categories.


ac f plachty black yellow windsurfing karlin




The Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning sail for the World Champion in the PWA Slalom World Tour.


Designed to take out all the annoying details that cam sails offer but aiming to have pure slalom racing performance to annoy cam sails. All this whilst allowing the rider to save more energy and be able to stay on the water all day.


salt_battens_142x142-150x150 eylets_300


A real slalom sail figure. The base invites you to close the gap on your slalom or free race board as with any racing sail. A negative leach to enjoy a light feeling on the back hand, extra speed and acceleration. The top of the sail has a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind. The right mix between low and high aspect ratio duties.


7 tubular battens to follow the pure slalom foil profile from the sail. Each batten is assembled easy for replacements.


One eyelet, one position. This is the concept. We have worked on the leach to the millimeter, and the eyelet positioning is extremely important to make sure the leach gets the right tension. The eyelet it’s in the sweet spot, and that’s where it must be for the best performance.

profil karlin point7

 salt_bodymaterial_142x142-1-150x150 ac-x_rigging_142x142-150x150


The increase of profile in the front increases the drive for earlier planning and acceleration in lighter winds. The drive is fundamental for carving the board better in the jibes. A deep front profile allows stability in stronger wind, therefore increasing comfort and control. Now with the new Dacron stripe inserted between the foil and mast sleeve, the sail will offer a bigger control in stronger wind, as the stripe will absorb the chops. At the same time, it gives an extra profile as the Dacron will make the sail deeper for lighter wind and give the extra power and acceleration.


All our Ply, X-ply and Scrims monofilm are produced in the Unites States. Completely assembled by the 4mil Anti UV Laminates. The new Anti-UV transparent grey window will not only bring your windsurfing being unique on the water, but to have a 100% Anti UV-Monofilm sail. More aggressive and stealth looking. Protecting your sails even more from the UV-Rays, acting as darkening lenses. X-ply batten pockets for lighter weight, highly responsive and reactive for world champion performance. 5mil Anti UV-Black X-ply base panel for protection from accidents.


The AC-X is straightforward to rig, requiring a reasonable amount of force to counter its moderate luff curve and apply the downhaul required, guided by the visual aid in the top panel. It can rig both rdm and sdm mast, but from 6.5 up, the use of the sdm will give a better performance. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control. Tighten the lower 2-battens and the top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other batten without overtightening them.

cut_out_300 karlin shop

foil windsurfing karlin point7 sails  


A bigger cut out than a normal freeride sail, has been introduced allowing more S-shaping release as the wind and speed increases through the foil. This results in giving us the chance to increase our water performance without having to exert extra power and energy. The shape of the cut out comfortably welcomes the back end of the boom.


As the wind enters the sail it forms a deep and fast front profile along the mast to allow stability. The wind swiftly moves to give power exactly where the stance of our body is comfortably centered on the board, and releases quickly and smoothly through the back of the sail, to allow light back hand pressure for pushing on the fin. As the wind increases, the sail will automatically self-adjust its power, thanks to the S-Shaping, along the whole middle upper leach opening.



ac x plachta frerace black yellow zero 2020 karlin

Velikost Luff Stěžeň Typ stežně Doporučeny carbon % Nástavec Ráhno Váha (5Kg+-) Spiry
4,7 405 400 rdm 60, 80, 100 6 150+-2 3.14 6
5,4 418 400 rdm 60, 80, 100 20 160+-2 3.42 6
6,0 436 400 rdm 60, 80, 100 38 172+-2 3.52 6
6,5 455 430 rdm/sdm 60, 80, 100 26 188+-2 3.99 7
7,0 470 466 rdm/sdm 60, 80, 100 12 196+-2 4.09 7
7,5 477 460 rdm/sdm 60, 80, 100 18 204+-2 4.28 7
7,9 498 460 rdm/sdm 60, 80, 100 38 217+-2 4.37 7
8,4 506 490 rdm/sdm 60, 80, 100 20 218+-2 4.56 7
9,0 516 490 rdm/sdm 60, 80, 100 28 220+-2 4.75 7

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Bez kembrů, 4.7m²
Rok výroby: 2020
? Počet Spir: 6, 7
? Doporučeny stěžeň: RDM / SDM

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Point-7 AC-X Slalom no Cam in action

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