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Bez kembrova plachta Rapid je rychlejší a na výkon více orientovaná freeride plachta v produktové řadě Gun Sails. Poskytuje výkon kembrové plachty ale výhody plachty bez kembrů.

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Doprava zdarma
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Kamenná prodejna v Praze
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Nejrychlejší bezkembrová freerace plachta v kolekci Gun Sails

Rychlý nástup do sklutu, snadná ovladatelnost, ohromně vysoká koncová rychlost a široký větrný rozsah, to jsou vlastnosti, které Vás na plachtě Rapid doslova ohromí.

Rapid je vytvořen jako freerace plachta reagující na Vaše pokyny přímo, s maximálním výkonem a okamžitým nástupem do skluzu. S touhle plachtou Vás již větrné díry nebudou ohrožovat.

  • bezkembrová freerace plachta s ovladatelností freeride oplachtění
  • slalomový střih pro maximální výkon
  • 7 vzpěr v “Cross batten“ konfiguraci pro maximální stabilitu profilu
  • kratší ráhno pro lepší ovladatelnost
  • Chytrý mix materiálů pro maximální životnost při minimální váze
  • 2 Dvě oka k uchycení ráhna pro individuální trim a volbu vlastností


Gunsails-Seal-Tech-2_FRED_72       Gunsails-Seal-RBL_72


F.R.E.D. will help you to fi nd the optimal luff trim for your sail. The mark is found in the upper sail window and serves as an orientation point to create the perfect luff tension (loose leech).



The Reduced Boom Length design shortens the boom length. The handling is much easier and feels more compact. The sail control is signifi cantly improved. A shorter boom is generally stiffer and will assist in maintaining the sail stability and profile.

Gunsails-Seal-Top-Guard_72   Gunsails-Seal-Vario-Top_72   Gunsails-Seal-Mini-Battens_72


The large reinforcement at the sail top avoids abrasion and wearing out whilst rigging.



The top opening is enlarged for an easier mast insertion. The adjustment buckle is placed behind the mast; unnecessary webbing can be stowed in the top opening.



Lightweight mini battens take control of the leech while twisting and avoid detrimental leech fl utter. In this way, the window fabrics are spared and the longevity of the sail is predefined.

Gunsails-Seal-Batten-Guard_72   Gunsails-Seal-ITB_72   Gunsails-Seal-Pocket-Guard_72


PVC tabs on the upper batten pockets prevent wearing out and abrasion whilst rigging.



The Internal Trim Batten system is completely integrated into the batten pocket and the battens can stay tensioned in the sail. The profi led end piece offers additional protection against abrasion.



A PVC braid, sewed on the bottom batten pocket, protects your sail from abrasion while uphauling and waterstarting.

Gunsails-Seal-Offset-Clew_72   Gunsails-Seal-Boom-Setting_72   Gunsails-Seal-Boom-Position-Control_72


The Wave sails are equipped with 2 clew eyelets which are set asymmetrically for individual tuning.
▲ Upper eyelet for more power
▲ Lower eyelet for more control



The boom length is printed beside the clew.



The printed height scale at the boom opening helps you to easily remember your personal boom position. 

Gunsails-Seal-Sleeve-Volumer_72   Gunsails-Seal-Mast-Foot-Protector_72   Gunsails-Seal-Foot-Guard_72


The Gun Sails logo that is sewn on the sleeve keeps it open at the boom opening area like a clip and thus mast insertion is much easier



The large mast foot protector can be pulled back whilst rigging. The loop eases the initial pulling down of the sail. The uphaul can be comfortably inserted through an opening in the protector.



All seams in the significantly stressed foot area are protected by Dacron coverings. A PVC edging from foot to the first batten protects the leech edge against your board’s nonslip coating.

Gunsails-Seal-Comfort-Pulley_72   Gunsails-Seal-Mesh-Pocket_72   Gunsails-Seal-Strap-On_72


The integrated triple pulley has large easy turning stainless brass rolls which greatly reduce the effort required for sail trimming. Also, if you prefer, the rolls are removable to allow the use of standard downhaul pulley hooks.



On the inside of the protector you will find a closable mesh pocket which can hold e.g. your downhaul surplus.



For very easy packing away and storage: Just roll the sail up and fix the elastic retainer.




Gunsails-HD-X-ply_72   Gunsails-Tension-Frame_72   Gunsails-Smart-Clew-Construction_72


The new High Density X-Ply shows the highest thread density of our used materials. It combines the characteristics of the square ply with the ones of the regular x-ply. Together they form a highly resistant and durable material, which is light at the same time. HD X-Ply finds application in the upper panels of our wave and freemove sails. The area including the material is specifically designed to suit the range of the sail. The result is an especially stable and reactive leech construction.



The Tension frame forms a functional unit with the smart clew construction. It is built from multidirectional x-ply and framed with insignia. Therefore it can resist maximum stress levels. The Tension frame receives the force from the clew and distributes the tension with the additional warp lines into the sail. The layout of the tension frame is designed to support the individual profile of every sail. Conclusively the tension frame improves the response of the sail and increases the profile stability. It also ensures long lasting sail characteristics and improves the overall durability of the sail.



The Smart Clew Construction is based on the tension specific and precise alignment of different materials. The result is an extremely durable clew area without additional weight. Depending the sail the layout of the materials varies in order to suit the resulting tension lines in order to distribute the force from the clew, towards the Tension Frame into the sail. That helps to create more response, better profile stability and long lasting sail characteristics.

Gunsails-Multidirectional-X-Ply_72_90deg   Gunsails-X-ply_72   Gunsails-Square-Ply_72


Multidirectional X-Ply is used in high stress areas. The thread layout shows a higher density of polyester yarn, thus making the material more resistant than the regular X-Ply. The additional vertical thread direction allows the material to take more tension and force in the critical tension line.



X-PLY the all time classic of the reinforced laminates. It is light, stable and has a good transparency. Therefore it is used in the window area of the Wave-and Cross Over Sails. X-Ply also does withstand higher punctual stress. In case of a cut, the threads avoid further damage because they stop the cut from spreading through the window.



The square ply is based on the same concept as X-ply material. However the threads are aligned in a 90 degree angle and the material offers a higher overall thread density. That allows us to reduce the thickness of the included monofilm to save weight, but ensure durability at the same time.

Gunsails-Kevlar-Stretch-Control_72_90deg   Gunsails-Double-Lock-Seams_72   Cross_Batten_72


Through the selected use of kevlar warp laminate, we are able to precisely define the stretch properties of every sail. This leads to more response and a long lasting and stable sail profile. The light and unidirectional kevlar threads show very low stretch, even under highest loads. They are individually positioned in each sail to suit its range of application, leading to long lasting performance and sail characteristics.



Double Seams provide the most stable connection between panels or different materials. They find use in areas of high material tension and make your sail tough and durable.



Mostly used on the flatwater range due to a lot of surface in the boom area. The longest batten of the sail starts below the boom area, crosses the boom line and ends above the clew. The crossing batten does stabilize the profile, which is extremely important in that area. Like that the sail is more effective in acceleration and pumping and has a more stable pressure point.



The alternate positioning of the battens on the back and the front of the sail leads to a more equalized tension- and weight distribution. This arrangement will provide you with the exact same sail feeling, independent of the direction you are riding.



Velikost m2 Ráhno cm Stěžeň cm Spiry Kembrů Top Délka stěžně Doporučený stěžeň
5,7 180 419 7/7 0 fix 400 SDM / RDM 
6,2 190 438 7/7 0 fix 430 SDM / RDM
6,7 197 457 7/7 0 fix 430 SDM / RDM
7,2 204 470 7/7 0 fix 460 SDM
7,9 214 476 7/7 0 fix 460 SDM
8,6 224 498 7/7 0 fix 490 SDM


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Kategorie: Bez kembrů
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Rok výroby: 2018
? Doporučeny stěžeň: RDM / SDM

GUNSAILS | Rapid 2018

GUNSAILS | Rigging Guide No Cam Sails 2018

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