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ES plovak jp hydrofoil speed 2021 windsurfing karlin
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JP was one of the first leading windsurf brands to introduce specialised boards for foiling. Now we offer a line of three dedicated foil boards in two different technologies. Popular since their introduction, the shapes are perfect for all levels of foil windsurfers from first timers to performance oriented foil riders. The 120, 135 and 150 remain unchanged and represent a balanced mix of fast, performance-oriented boards which are easily accessible with user-friendly all-round appeal.

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ES hydrofoil plovak jp 2021 obrazek dama na prknu.

Shape Details

The steady nose rocker combined with a soft tuck line and bevels in the front make for a smooth and forgiving entry once the nose comes down on the water. This is essential, as many beginners tend to nosedive. The noses don’t dig into the water but will bounce back off the water and you will keep flying.

The V-angled nose bevels clear the rail from touching the water when pushing down the windward rail – especially when sailing upwind. This way, the board can be tilted and more power applied to the foil for more acceleration and speed.

The flat deck shape and the ideally positioned footstraps make for an upright stance to control the power of the foil.

Volume and width help to lift the boards out of the water early.

The tail cut-outs reduce the volume in the tail. These cut outs also make it easier to get flying earlier by being able to push the wide tail down easily and ‘pump the foil’ during take-off.

Very short, lively and exciting, it is the right tool to explore new boundaries of this sport. They are designed for higher winds, small sails and advanced riders. No limitations: Free your mind, be innovative, these shapes will take you there. Compared to the big boards, the compact board with narrow outline offers a more centred stance and a very responsive fun feel!

The second generation of the shape that started it all: it features all the latest foil shape features of its brothers, like the very pronounced V and V-angled bevels in the nose area, make foiling easy and more accessible for everyone. The cut-outs are designed to pump the board instantly onto the foil and fly. The tail is wide and the straps far outboard for more control and power over the foil. This size is well-known for being all-round, almost universal, as it covers a very wide wind and range as well as it suits most rider weights and levels.

Originally designed for the first PWA foil races, today the 150 can be seen as most efficient and very fast lightwind foil board. It suits heavy weights and everybody who needs to use very big sails. Compared to the latest super-wide race developments, it can be pumped onto the foil with less effort and has more freeride appeal as it is way easier to sail – especially across the wind. The additional set of inboard straps aids control when flying over chop on deep downwind courses.

All of the HydroFoil shapes take into consideration the different riding position compared to windsurfing with a fin and also the aerodynamic behaviour of the boards. They are adjusted to make flying over water easy, accessible, fast and fun for everyone.
And the key to this is the perfect balance, stability and great leverage towards the foil.

For the leverage, the compact designs feature a wide tail and parallel outline which helps you to control, balance and work the lift of the foil. The shortness keeps the swing weights to a minimum.

The thin profile limits the drag once airborne and creates as little resistance as possible, which is very important when you are flying because strong gusts don’t affect the stability. Your flight will be very stable and balanced.

All HydroFoil boards come with a special, reinforced Tuttle-Foilbox.

Performance and balance and power. At the same time easy to fly and good fun to use!

hydrofoil plovak jp 2021 obrazek dama na prknu speed

1.Performance-oriented freeride and competition designs

5.Parabolic Rail Construction (LXT)

2.The ultimate balance between performance and user-friendliness in foiling

3.Foil-Tuttlebox: Foil approved fin boxes - specially reinforced for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases

For the first HydroFoil boards, JP invented the specially reinforced boxes for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases three years ago:
The Foil-Tuttlebox

Now, the Freestyle and Magic Ride PRO also feature a reinforced Foil-Powerbox! (Ø 8mm bolt hole to avoid drilling for the
NP Powerbox foil adapter)


4.New footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size


hydrofoil plovak jp 2021 obrayek

HYDROFOIL Délka cm Šířka cm Litráž Váha +/-6%
Fin box Plachty
120 209 78 120 8.9 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:<6.0 rec.:<6.7
135 214 85 135 9.5 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:5.5-8.0 rec.:4.5-8.6
150 214 91 150 10.2 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:6.0-9.0 rec.:5.0-9.6

ES rails 2021 hydrofoil jp windsurfing karlin

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