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LXT plovak freeride freerace jp 2021 super ride windsurfing karlin
56 000 Kč –15 %
47 800 Kč

New 2021. The compact designs of the first generation left an inspiring impression and its footprint on the market with lots of very happy customers. Now, the 2nd generation of...

rrd wavecult v8 ltd
64 700 Kč –40 %
38 800 Kč

The new WAVE CULT V8 is the board that everyone should have, which suits all kinds of conditions and allows you to feel covered in any sessions at both your home spot and on...

wave cult plovak na vlny windsurfing karlin
64 200 Kč –20 %
51 400 Kč

The Wave Cult is a board for both side, on-shore conditions and any wave size. This board lets you enjoy every session, even when the conditions are not ideal.