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plachta freerace rychla y25 fire rrd windsurfing karlin orange
26 100 Kč –40 %
Plachta RRD Fire Y25
Skladem (1 ks)
15 660 Kč

Taking advanced performance freeride and freerace to new levels. Morphing from 5 baten bump and jump to a twin camp powerhouse. For performance freeriders looking for the...

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25F - 3458.04
od 17 900 Kč

The GS-F takes off into its third year. The focus of this race machine is still on absolute control and neutrality at maximum speed. The GS-F perfectly meets the special...

gunsails sails gs f 2021 windsurfing karlin
od 22 100 Kč–18 %
od 18 000 Kč

We proudly present the new Foil Racing machine within the Gunsails Range. The Gunsails-Foil, short GS-F is specifically designed for foil racing and foil slalom. This...

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Plachta Gun Sails Raise foil plachta 2 kemborva 2023 new
od 14 300 Kč

For all foil lovers, whether intermediate or advanced, we have developed the extremely light and easy to handle sail RAISE. The RAISE is ideal for foil windsurfing, but can also...

plachta sails neilpryde rs racing evoXV
od 38 000 Kč

SLALOM RACING / FOIL RACING. Due to the overwhelming success of our 2023 RS: Racing EVOXIV, the EVOXV design is closely based on that of the EVOXIV, but with technological...

racing sails evoXIV neilpryde
od 40 200 Kč –30 %
od 28 140 Kč

The RS:RACING EVOXII is more than an evolution from its predecessor, it is a step towards a new design, fully embracing the high aspect design we introduced in our Flight series.

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patrik iq sail windsrufing karlin
Plachta Patrik IQ
Na objednávku
od 29 800 Kč

Since long before covid arrived we have been working towards producing the ultimate light weight but durable wave sail. Something that feels feather light in the hands, but can...

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plachta rrd fire y27 windsrufing karlin
od 19 700 Kč –30 %
Plachta RRD Fire Y27
Skladem (2 ks)
od 13 790 Kč

Taking advanced performance freeride and freerace to new levels. Morphing from 5 batten bump and jump to a twin cam powerhouse. For performance freeriders looking for the...

27F 44 5.0
Plachta RRD Fire Y29
Plachta RRD Fire Y29
Na objednávku
od 21 400 Kč

RRD Fire je plachta bez kembrů, určená pro rychlé freeride a freerace jízdu. Tato vícespírová plachta s nově upraveným twistem dosahuje rychlosti blízké slalomovým závodním...

29F44 5.0
od 27 800 Kč –40 %
od 16 680 Kč

The ultimate slalom sail for both fin and foil. Added drive and higher aspect ratio in the larger sizes. For riders that want to go fast and win races.  

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27XWG H3 5.6
X Wing RRD Y28 model sails
od 34 000 Kč –30 %
od 23 800 Kč

The Y28 X-Wing continues to move forward in the ever evolving discipline of slalom racing and speed.  

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