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gunsails sails gs f 2021 windsurfing karlin
od 22 100 Kč
od 18 000 Kč

We proudly present the new Foil Racing machine within the Gunsails Range. The Gunsails-Foil, short GS-F is specifically designed for foil racing and foil slalom. This...

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MY22 RS Flight EVO III Flight Evo III
od 40 600 Kč
od 30 450 Kč

FOIL RACING. REDEFINOVÁNO. Všechny velikosti modelu Flight EVO III byly pro rok 2022 zcela přepracovány.  

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MY22 RS Racing EVO XIII RS Racing Evo XIII
od 39 300 Kč
od 29 475 Kč

RS:RACING EVOXIII builds on the success of the most winning sail of 2021.

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plachta rrd fire y27 windsrufing karlin
od 19 700 Kč
od 16 750 Kč

Taking advanced performance freeride and freerace to new levels. Morphing from 5 batten bump and jump to a twin cam powerhouse. For performance freeriders looking for the...

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