Plovák Patrik Slalom

Kód: 5475/130
Značka: Patrik Boards
66 900 Kč –22 %
2020 Slalom130 windsurfing karlin
66 900 Kč –22 % 52 500 Kč
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Slalomový plovák od Patrik Boards. 

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zavodní / pwa slalom

Our slalom models are well known for their performance and consistency. It is important that all sizes perform equally and that there are no big weaknesses. It makes the size choice and gear setup easy and depending on the sail performance and the sailing style every size can be individually trimmed more into the performance direction needed. With adapting the cutouts from the smallest 3x sizes all shapes are 100% in line not only performance wise but also optically and it makes us proud to present such a harmonic high performing range.


slalom plovak obrazek patrik 2020 halza 


115, 125, 130, 140, 150 – The full deck Carbon Biax with the full Carbon UD bottom is the construction combination to have a lightest and stiffest board for maximum early planning, acceleration and riding agility.

85, 90, 95, 100 – The full deck Carbon Biax with the full fiberglass bottom is the combination of lightweight, stiffness and flex for early planning, acceleration and control.

slalom plovak obrazek patrik 2020

AT 300
AT 2000
SLALOM 85 2370 570 85 357 446 TBC 6X4 4 Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 90 2335 595 90 396 464 TBC 6X4 4 Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 95 2314 622 95 411 482 TBC 6X4 4 Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 100 2330 645 100 421 501 TBC 6X4 4 Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 115 2338 698 115 488 556 TBC 6X4 4 Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 125 2302 772 125 544 594 TBC 6X4 4 Deep Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 130 2288 808 130 564 607 TBC 6X4 4 Deep Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 140 2288 848 140 606 643 TBC 6X4 4 Deep Tuttle Foil Box
SLALOM 150 2300 906 150 TBC TBC TBC 6X4 4 Deep Tuttle Foil Box

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Kategorie: Slalomové
Rok výroby: 2020
? Finbox: Foil-Tuttlebox, Foil deep tuttle
#sizes_table#: hidden
Poutka: v cenně
Fina: musí se dokoupit

PATRIK boards presentation of 2020 range

PATRIK Slalom 2020

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Enjoy the precision of handshaped master boards and carefully designed 3D shapes depending on the use and discipline. Our foil boards are Diethelm/Canella CAD shapes produced by the best factories in the world. Patrik Diethelm himself is a master of his craft and after thousands of handshaped boards his precision and experience are truely unmatched in the industry. He is one of the few windsurf shapers who still knows how to shape and finish a beautiful board by hand. Looking at it, feeling it, touching it, finalising it - you will feel the difference of flowing handshaped outlines, rails and bottom contours of our fin boards on the water. The man beats the machines. Don't believe the stories told about superiour computer-aided design. Shaping a board is like building a sweet Stradivari violin. Who would ever prefer a machine-built violin over the handmade original? Here we go.