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Our all-new range of Freestyle boards, developed in collaboration with JP's freestyle experts Yentel Caers and Sam Esteve, takes the sport to new heights.


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Plovák JP Freestyle Pro
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Our all-new range of Freestyle boards, developed in collaboration with JP's freestyle experts Yentel Caers and Sam Esteve, takes the sport to new heights. Thanks to extensive refinement and reshaping, our event winning shapes are now shorter, more responsive, and more radical than ever before, allowing riders to spin, rotate, and pop with unparalleled speed and precision. Despite their increased liveliness, these boards still offer the early planing and speed potential of their predecessors, thanks to their flat scoop rocker line. Plus, subtle tail revisions provide a more powerful pop for multiple rotations and more impressive freestyle moves all-round.

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At JP, we’ve always been at the forefront of freestyle board design, working closely with our team riders to push the limits and set new trends in the sport. Our latest shapes are no exception, with a relentless focus on enhancing new school freestyle potential while maintaining our high standards of overall ride and performance. With these new boards, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best in freestyle technology, backed by years of experience and a dedication to excellence that’s second to none.

Success in modern freestyle depends on double power moves, so we focused our development on speed during pop in order to make triple moves the next standard. To achieve this, shaper Werner Gnigler has made the boards slightly shorter, which reduces swing weight and improves response speed during pop. This makes sliding moves and aerial spins faster and more controlled, bringing triple moves well within the boards’ range. Although shorter than previous JP shapes, the new boards are still longer than many other models on the market, ensuring accessible all-around performance in all conditions.

The flat scoop rocker line generates the lift needed for early planing and high-speed performance.

The deck’s dome is now crucial in ensuring riding stability not just in a regular stance but also when riding switch. As most moves are now executed in switch stance, the board design must accommodate this additional task. The subtle dome is the perfect balance between pushing for performance while still maintaining stability during moves.

The newly designed tail provides a balance between width and thickness, giving ample flotation while allowing the rider to sink it for a powerful take-off.

The bottom shape of the new boards features a defined V from the mast base forward, which is combined with a soft tuck line. This combination supports a smooth ride and forgiveness during sliding moves.

We incorporate a flat V bottom shape towards the tail, along with a pronounced tuck line. This combination offers exceptional grip, immediate power, and a high-riding water position, while also providing a loose feel to the board.

The boards come with double footstrap plugs for maximum control.

More than just conventional freestyle boards, all sizes come with JP’s reinforced Foil-Powerbox and their compact and wide shapes make them ideal toys for foil riding! This widens the range of use of your “small” gear: Just mount a foil and fly – while other freestylers with their normal fins are stuck on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. JP’s short Freestyle boards provide enough ease and stability to pick up this new segment of our sport quite easily. Advanced foil freestylers can push their limits and pull-off their first crazy moves at the EFPT “foilstyle” events.
Although not specially designed and tuned for it, the shape dimensions also allow for the use of a wing.

* Carbon Innegra Deck
* Parabolic Rail band and extra integrated Innegra Nose Reinforcemen
* High-density PVC in deck and bottom
* S-Glass Stringers
* Footstrap scale
* Double Footstrap Plugs
* G10 Powerbox fin
* Foil-Powerbox, foil approved

JP’s three new Freestyle boards are ultra versatile and can be used in a wide range of conditions, from fun freshwater events to hardcore PWA and EFPT freestyle events on the sea. With their shorter and more compact shapes, they are more responsive and spin faster, making them great for both recreational and professional sailors. Overall, these boards provide a complete and enjoyable package for all skill levels.



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Ease & Comfort 



Full-on freestyle contest boards

Built for explosive pop and super-fast rotations

Modern bottom shape and soft tuck line make board more forgiving

Modern outline and weight distribution guarantee quicker rotations and more radical moves

Flat V bottom shape creates instant power and fantastic grip

Board comes with competitive freestyle fins


86 95 103
Length (cm)215 Length (cm)218 Length (cm)219
Width (cm)60.5 Width (cm)62.5 Width (cm)64
Volume (l)86 Volume (l)95 Volume (l)103
Weight (kg)6,3 Weight (kg)6,5 Weight (kg)6,9
FinFreestyle 19.5 G10 CNC FinFreestyle 20.5 G10 CNC FinFreestyle 21.5 G10 CNC
Fin boxFoil-Powerbox Fin boxFoil-Powerbox Fin boxFoil-Powerbox
Rec. sail size<5.2 Rec. sail size<5.6 Rec. sail size>6,2
Ideal sail size<4.8 Ideal sail size<5.2 Ideal sail size4.2-5.6




For higher durability. Resistant to impact and paint chipping. The parabolic rail construction works like a stringer along the rail. You have a better flex control during a turn and it makes the board respond quicker. The Innegra fibre is a high modulus polypropylene fibre, which guarantees excellent impact resistance and stiffness, saves weight and prevents paint chipping.



Reinforced, stronger box construction for Foil-Tuttlebox & Foil-Powerbox Foil-Tuttlebox: big recess on the deck and big washers: Foil-Powerbox: Now, the Freestyle PRO, Freestyle Wave LXT and Magic Ride LXT also feature JP’s reinforced Foil-Powerbox! The fin screw diameter is 6 mm. Drill the Powerbox hole to 8mm so that it fits NP’s Powerbox Foil screw.


Four screws per strap = 100% anti-twist! No annoying twist anymore.


Your friends and family constantly take your board and change the size of your footstraps? No problem anymore! JP's Footstrap scale allows easy adjustment to the foot size.


SCREW HEADS: TORX New standard: The screw heads of all the screws are now changed to Torx (T30) » Fin screws (Slot -, Tuttle- and Powerbox) » Air Valve » Thicker strap screws (M7) with larger thread

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