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gunsails exceed 2021 windsurfing karlin
od 15 200 Kč
od 12 880 Kč

The powerful early planing sail with great end speed and easy control in the limit range - the Exceed makes the pulse of the dedicated freerider beat faster. Two cambers charge...

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gunsails exceed 2022 2 plachta na windsurfing karlin
od 13 700 Kč
od 11 350 Kč

The Exceed will exceed your expectations of planing power, top speed and controlled handling. Our uncomplicated camber sail convinces with its coherent and balanced profile, the...

point7 ac k slalom plachta windsurfing karlin
od 17 900 Kč
Plachta Point-7 Ac-K
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od 14 900 Kč

3 Cambrová slalomová rychlá freerace plachta od Point-7 Ac-K z kolekce Zero2022.