Technologie plachet RRD Y25


Y25 is something special for us. Not only a quarter century, but probably the cleanest and most refined sail collection we have ever produced. We took every range, every sail, every size and stripped out all that was not totally essential, leaving behind the purest range conceivable. We now split our main collection into 3 easy to understand line-ups, making everything clearer and simpler.

On top of this, all our most popular sails are also available in our industry leading Compact Series technology. This is our unique folding sail system and collapsible rig that allows a full quiver of sails to fit inside a back pack. Huge advances in both the performance and the technical finish, means that more than ever before we offer no compromise, test winning, high performance rig, with industry changing levels of convenience.

head curve   3d eva head piece   2mm scrim - 5mm dimension polyant x-play
rrd-head-curve-y25   rrd-sail-eva-head-y25   rrd-sail-scrimm-polyant-y25-1

By reducing the area in the head of the sail with a shortened top batten the sail feels lighter and more responsive in the hands.


Anti chafe protection.


1. For ultimate weight saving in the tops of select sails.

2. For increased durability and resistance. Used extensively along load lines in our cross panel construction.


pu batten end chafe protector   cross panel construction   extended clew reinforcement
rrd-sail-pu-batten-y25   rrd-sail-cross-panel-y25   rrd-clew-reinforcement-y25

Batten tip protection for avoiding chafing whilst rigging.


By following the load lines with both the panel layout and also the warp direction of the X-ply we create a strong and powerful framework to the sail, reducing stretch and allowing lighter materials to be used on the perimeter. The result is great performance and quick response on the water.


Reinforcement patch extends into the main window to spread the loads across multiple sail panels for increased durability.


power clew   extreme power clew   boom cutout indicator
rrd-sail-power-clew-y25   rrd-sail-extreme-power-clew-y25   rrd-sail-boom-cutout-y25

Twin eyelets for huge tunable range.Outer clew = power and drive

Inner Clew =maneuverability and control.


Extreme variation of POWER CLEW giving even larger range of tuning for windfoil / windsurf adaptability.


To help position the boom at the correct height every session.


its integrated trim system   3d eva moulded tack fairing   double seams
rrd-sail-trim-system-y25   rrd-sail-technology-moulded-tack-y25   rrd-sail-technology-double-seams-y25

Integrated rigging guide to guarantee perfect tuning every session.


Offering protection to the board and enclosing pulley blocks and ropes inside.


To enhance sail strength and increase durability on select models in key strength areas.