Technologie kiteboard RRD

rrd-kite-carbon-technology-ltd-y25The Bliss LTD and the Poison are available in the LTD construction. This construction consists of Biaxial Carbon layers on the top and bottom of the board and a CNC shaped Paulownia wood core. These boards are 20% lighter, thinner and more responsive, which provides loads of pop and higher performance due to a higher memory of the Biaxial Carbon fibers. Our premium LTD boards are full of energy and provide the most dynamic ride.


The Classic construction consists of a CNC shaped Paulownia wood core with a lay-up of biaxial glass on the top deck and bottom of the board. A new lamination technology, incorporating a biaxial anti-torsion box, results in reduced vibrations and more control over choppy waters. This construction is perfect for those who need a well rounded board with a consistent and reliable feel throughout it’s range of use.


This is one of the most advanced constructions out there; completely built and assembled in Europe with a new exclusive lightweight technology. It consists of a mix of CNC superlight Airex and wood Core in combination with reduced weight ABS sidewalls and laminated with a pre-preg Biaxial CARBON 220 grms. deck and bottom. You won’t find another twintip on the market with such a perfect strength – weight ratio.


The Juice’s special wakestyle lamination is created to give the board maximum rigidity and stiffness. As in all our boards, we use a CNC shaped Paulownia wood core. We then laminate with two layers of unidirectional carbon stringer on the deck and on the bottom of the board. Flex is a crucial point when it comes to wakestyle boards, that’s why we added a special ‘X’ shaped carbon torsion box on the deck, to prevent any twists. On top of that, especially for boot users, we kept inserts instead of slider rails, and added a carbon biaxial insert reinforcement for those heavy landings. Ultimately, the grind base bottom sheet is what you need to make the board last for ever, even after many obstacle sessions.