Technologie kite RRD

We are passionate about combining quality, technology, strength, and artisanal design that is functional and accessible to everyone in watersports. We make products that we love, that last, and that can be used by everyone, not only the elite watersports enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies combined with creative design, added reinforcements, and genuine Italian style: this is what RRD stands for. We do not cut corners when it comes to our equipment. In fact, where our competitor’s equipment is weak, RRD equipment is strong.
The watchwords for RRD are style, quality, and strength following the pure Made in Italy vision, supported by the continuous commitment to research and development. Using the best available materials and production processes, combined with the meticulous attention to detail, we create aunique piece of equipment with character, harmony, and performance.

leading edge reinforcements   pu bridle reinforcements   kevlar bridle pads
rrd-kite-details-1-edge-reinforcement-y25   rrd-kite-details-2-pu-briddle-reinforcement-y25   rrd-kite-details-3-kevlar-briddle-pad-y25
Every panel of any inflatable structure, from the struts to the leading edge, is built with a special heavy duty stitching system. The stitching areas are internally reinforced with a strip of adhesive dacron (Insignia), creating a solid base for durability. Kevlar is then wrapped around every exposed LE Seam to provide further protection.   Bridle attachment points are reinforced with a soft PU external protection an and internal double adhesive dacron patch, to increase durability.   Kevlar reinforcement scuff pads located on the wear points of the leading edge protecting the Dacron from constant abrasion where the bridles make contact with the leading edge.


quick airflow valve   one pump clips   cnc laser cut graphic panels
rrd-kite-details-4-quick-airflow-valve-y25   rrd-kite-details-11-uv-resistant-hose-y25   rrd-kite-details-6-cnc-laser-cut-graphic-panels-y25
A singular point, one way, air flow valve, inflation and deflation system with a special moulded protection cap.This new valve has a smaller diameter and pliable base that allows the perfect leading edge shape and adds to the lifespan of the kite.   One pump hose clamps that prevent unwanted airflow between struts and leading edge. Each clamp is covered with neoprene to prevent wear and damage to the kite.   Our bold graphics are designed with CNC laser cut panels made with canopy fabric firstly glued and then triplestitched together. This way we can avoid massive screen printining on the kite, reducing it’s deteriorating effect and making each graphic panel effectively a reinforcement on the kite body it’self.
An RRD exclusive design feature now copied by some other kite brands.


multi-point line settings   bridle anti-tangle device   45º crrosed fabrics le/strut reinforcements
rrd-kite-details-7-mp-line-settings-y25   rrd-sail-technology-anti-tangle-y25   rrd-kite-details-9-crossed-fabric-reinforcements-y25
Multiple points of connection provide a multitude of adjustments to the flying characteristics of the kite such as depower, bar pressure, turning speed, and turning radius. These changes affect jumping, kite loops, slack, drift, and water relaunch.   A small batten that connects from the trailing edge to the leading edge that prevents the bridles from wrapping around the wingtip during launching or water relaunching. It also allows for storage of the bridles when packing the equipment after a session.   In correspondence of each strut and it’s connection point onto the leading edge, we have created a specific 45° crossed fibers double ripstop reinforcement that spreads the load of the strut onto the body of the kite during hard crashes, drastically reducing the potential canopy breakage of the kite.

techno force™ double ripstop   uv resistant pu strut hose and fittings   extra strut reinforcemens
rrd-kite-details-10-techno-force-double-pitstop-y25   rrd-kite-details-5-one-pump-clips-y25   rrd-kite-details-12-extra-strut-reinforcements-y25
Techno Force™ is a high density fabric with a tear stopping structure that is constructed with a high tensioning double polyester yarn. This material does not only add to the strength and longevity of our kites, but it also improves the stability and the flying characteristics without adding weight.   We use UV resistant PU strut hoses and fittings on the entire range of kites. This material has been tested against four years of sun and salt to ensure that it is durable and will increase the longevity of our equipment.   All struts are reinforced with Kevlar stitched to the ends which reduce abrasion and the new design also prevents sand from getting into the kite. The middle strut includes Kevlar and an additional layer of Dacron because it suffers the most on impacts.


radial reinforcements   ctb constant tension backlines   external scuff protecotrs
rrd-kite-details-13-radial-reinforcements-y25   rrd-sail-ctb-constant-tension-y25   rrd-kite-details-15-external-scuff-protectors-y25
Radial Canopy reinforcements around the trailing edge of the kite, are positioned in a way that intersects the Techno Force Double Ripstop. This not only increases strength and durability on sensitive areas but also compliments the torsion placed on the kite, thus improving the overall flying characteristics.   We have an elastic rope connected to the pigtails of the backlines that stretches up to around 20cm, this makes sure that your backlines are always slightly under tension when you depower the kite due to the slight delay it creates. This feature makes you able to always feel where the kite is and prevents the kite from frontstalling when you suddenly let go of the bar.   Additional reinforcements on all scuff points strengthened with branded, EVA reinforcements to extend the life and durability of the kite. This EVA is then encased in Insignia secured by a double stitch that adds to the durability of high stress points.