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Nafukovací wingboard RRD Air Beluga Y26
26 800 Kč –25 %
20 100 Kč

Nafukovací AirBeluga byla vytvořena pro milovníky wingfoilngu, kteří hledají lehké, pevné, ale především skladné prkno. Karbonový plate o velikosti 75x29cm společně s...

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Nafukovací plovák JP Freefoil Air
27 900 Kč

Easy ride, easy handling, easy control, easy transport, easy storage in its backpack. If you are looking for a great and user-friendly all-round foil board, then this is your...

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Nafukovací wingboard RRD Air Beluga Y27
od 24 800 Kč

Nafukovací wingboard s možností použít i s plachtou. Innovative design with side fins for the easiest approach of novice riders. Equipped with the lightest and tiffest carbon...

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Nafukovací wingboard RRD Air Beluga Pro Y27
od 26 700 Kč

Nafukovací wingboard Pro. 7 new shapes from 60 to 125 litres. Equipped with the lightest and tiffest carbon plate in the market. Incredibly stable flight. Compact and plenty of...

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Nafukovací wingboard JP Wing Air
od 23 400 Kč

Nafukovací univerzální wingboard. Our pure wing foil inflatable. The compact hull and JP’s superior construction provide a stiff feel when flying on the foil.

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macro air nafukovaci wingboard
od 23 800 Kč

The Macro is the foil board that has risen to meet the moment.

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od 20 500 Kč

The HY-FLATE Inflatable Wing Foil Board is the ultimate combination of packing dimensions, durability and winging performance. No matter if beginner, intermediate or someone who...

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