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Značka: Gun Sails
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plachta na foil gun sails bow 2020 windsurfing karlin
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Already within one year, the Bow has established itself within the windsurfing scene. Its unique ability to adapt to the conditions within a vast wind range, while providing the exact same amount of drive, has convinced many windsurfers to step away from the conventional loose leech sail. Thanks to its diversity the sail is ideal for foiling but is showing its capabilities likewise on a slalom or freerace board.

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4 kembrová slalom / foil

plachta na foil gun sails bow 2020 windsurfing karlin na zemi na zemi

With its deep profile and 4 cams the sail includes tons of performance, thus accelerating effortlessly to a thrilling top speed. While doing so the sail stays always in control. That is achieved through the special geometry of the sail and the ability of the mast to rotate within the boom (read more about the BOW CONCEPT).
For its second season the Bow received several updates setting the innovative sail concept another step ahead. The top area, including the first two battens, got redesigned to further increase the dynamic area of the sail. That makes the top even more responsive thus increasing the acceleration and top speed of the sail. The body construction got updated with additional kevlar reinforcements to precisely control the stretch of the material while saving 200 grams. Also the area below the clew is completely redesigned to improve the control on slalom and freerace boards as well as improving the overall handling.

The success of the Bow continues to 2020. Not only magazines claim that “the sail has the potential for a revolution” but also many customers have been overwhelmed by the functionality of the concept. At the same time our athletes have proven in several PWA foil races that the concept can easily live up to its expectations and compete with the slalom and foil race sails on the market. Join the Bow concept and experience the innovation.

plachta na foil gun sails bow 2020 windsurfing karlin na zemi krasny obrazek

  • 4-Cam Concept Sail for Freerace, Slalom and Foil
  • offset clew claws for trim flexibility and easy use of a trim system
  • No Loose Leech, the Bow uses more surface
  • Special friction bearing that allows rotation of the mast
  • 3D Mast Sleeve Shape and Cross Batten Concept
  • Neoprene Cover at boom opening for better aerodynamics
  • Tack Strap to regulate the tension of the sail foot
  • Bow Flex mast is mandatory

plachta na foil gun sails bow 2020 windsurfing karlin na zemi  teren s foilem

Velikost m2 Ráhno cm Luff Spiry Kembry Top Délka stěžně Doporučený stěžeň
6.9 205 / 198 493 7/7 4 fix 490 Bow Flex SDM
7.8 224 / 216 504 7/7 4 fix 490 Bow Flex SDM
8.7 237 / 230 519 7/7 4 fix 490 Bow Flex SDM


Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: ZÁVODNÍ, 6.9m²
Rok výroby: 2020
? Počet Cambru: 4 cams
? Počet Spir: 7
? Doporučeny stěžeň: RDM / SDM

GUNSAILS | Bow 2020 - Slalom / Foil Sail

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