Ráhno Neilpryde X-C Race Monocoque

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The XC Race Interouthaul, monocoque pre-preg carbon boom, is a milestone in windsurf boom history. The first racing boom to ship with the integrated Interouthaul system. Featuring an oval diameter shape which feels natural in your hands while sailing and reduces arm-pump dramatically. Sail for longer and with less effort than ever before.

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Délka/cm Průměr trubky/mm Mast Shim Integrated Adjust Váha/Kg
175-225 28-30 3.0
160-220 28-30 - 3.3

INTEGRATED INTEROUTHAUL SYSTEM is designed for high performance racing. The trim-lines slide inside the boom arms, offering maximum comfort while racing as there are no more disturbing ropes in your way. Spectra inhaul rope.

VT-JOINT, FORGED CARBON: The NeilPryde VT-Joint provides a stiff boom connection and a more responsive transmission of the sail’s power than any other system used in the market.
  • Increases contact area from the boom attachment to the mast.
  • It can be used on any standard diameter mast.
  • Reduces chance of point loading.
  • Minimises ‘play’ between the boom and mast connection.
  • Allows easy adjustment of boom height.
The mast cup provides 2 points of contact between the cup and the mast, creating a tight connection and ensuring great transmission of power. The V-Shape accommodates variation in standard mast diameters. Slightly thinner masts simply sit further into the V while fatter ones sit further out.The VT-Joint is standard on all NeilPryde booms with an oversized ‘Forged carbon’ mast cup material tailored to suit each XC boom.vtjoint_fe99ef22-989a-4b59-8ddb-6cecd8a4b448_1024x1024

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Kategorie: Ráhna, 175-215 cm
Materiál: Carbon

X-C Race Neilpryde Boom

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