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yellow point 7 salt pro windsurfing karlin
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Vlnová plachta od Point-7 Salt Pro Pure Wave z kolekce Zero2022.

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wave pure

obrazek salt pro plachta point7 zero2022 yellow

l-graphDESIGNED FORr-graph

Hitting the waves at high speed to pull out new school aerial wave moves, whether you are jumping or going for aerials. The right mix between drive on the bottom turn, but at the same time a neutral on/off performance going for the cut back.


With masses of useable power and a fun active nature, the efficient and dynamic on/off profile is designed to be radical on the wave and allowing the enterprising sailor to get away with the smallest sail possible. It’s a versatile wave sail which can be used in all conditions by tightening or loosening the clew. Fast, agile, and supremely comfortable to use, the Salt Pro’s soft delivery style makes its spirited rearward rider-focussed power, both useable and stable across a far-reaching tuneable range. A manoeuvre machine. At this price, represents exceptional value for money. The Salt provides the power and balance to make the most of all coastal environments.

l-graphIT'S CHARACTERr-graph

The Salt is the Point-7 all-out performance orientated four batten wave sail. Fast riding on the waves, quick to respond in new school wave sailing moves, and ultra-light in your hands Adjust the back-hand power, and it is ready to offer precision, according to the wind strength, the board we use, and what we want to do. We can flatten the profile in Side-Shore conditions to neutralize the profile of the sail in high-speed surf, which can give more power in the back hand to get more support in on shore conditions, or when you want quick acceleration to hit the lips of the waves. Light and balanced in the hands, the power comes from a high forward position, its punchy delivery softened by the stretch in the luff sleeve and large Dacron luff panel. Once the pressure builds and the draft reaches its elastic limit, the response from the sail’s high skin tension takes over, providing crisp, precise handling and inspiring the rider to explore its manoeuvre potential. On the wave, the Salt provides masses of useable drive through the bottom turn, whilst always remaining controllable. At the critical moment, it has a more of an on-off nature, the Dacron panel permitting the lungs of the sail to exhale and become light and easy for manoeuvre.

l-graphON THE WATERr-graph

The Salt translates to plenty of useable bottom end grunt, the large luff panel expanding to significantly increase the depth of the draft. The delivery is soft and forgiving, and comes through both hands, the centre of effort focussed around the rider. Used in properly powered conditions, this transforms into a power-hungry animal, locked in and dancing over the water as it advances in every gust. It moves smoothly around the rider thanks to the softness in the luff panel, enabling to keep the pedal down in attack mode, even in the most uninviting conditions. With speed comes light handling, which combined with the Salt’s on-off capacity when eased out, makes it a formidable weapon on the wave and in transition.

l-graphWHATS NEW FOR ZERO22r-graph

On the 3 bigger sail sizes the leach has been tightened to go more upwind and plane earlier to get back to the point break faster. The tightening of the leach and a narrower Dacron has allowed the sail to be more direct and reactive in light wind. The base batten has been lowered on all sizes to increase stability and power.


The sail that has brought a PWA World Vice Champion results to Point-7.


zluta yellow salt pro freestyle wave windsurfing karlin


The Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning sail for the World Champion in the PWA Slalom World Tour. Josep Pons is now in charge of the development with the rest of the Wave Black team and has given new important feedback on the New SALT PRO.


The SALT has been part of a continuous evolution since it was first introduced. Each size is tested separately according to the designated wind intensity for which the sail is designed for. The individual changes on each size have been made very specifically to create the perfect sail range. Sail profile, rotation and twist was tuned on each size to make the sails feel freer, and lighter in the hands to allow the riders to focus on the real deal. Development was focused on making the sail more comfortable in heavier conditions, especially on the smaller sizes; a lighter feel whilst giving more control to the rider for that extra comfort.

Velikost Luff Stěžeň Typ stežně Doporučeny carbon % Nástavec Váha (+-5Kg) Ráhno Spiry
3,3 351 340 rdm K87, K97 12 2.66 138+-2 4
3,7 363 340 rdm K87, K97 24 2.76 144+-2 4
4,0 372 370 rdm K87, K97 2 2.80 148+-2 4
4,2 374 370 rdm K87, K97 6 2.85 150+-2 4
4,5 381 370 rdm K87, K97 12 2.90 152+-2 4
4,7 397 370 rdm K87, K97 28 2.95 158+-2 4
5,0 401 400 rdm K87, K97 4 3.04 158+-2 4
5,3 412 400 rdm K87, K97 14 3.14 164+-2 4
5,6 425 400 rdm K87, K97 26 3.42 174+-2 4

POINT-7 SLASH: HOW TO from POINT-7 International on Vimeo.

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Kategorie: Wave
? Počet Spir: 4
Rok výroby: 2022
? Doporučeny stěžeň: RDM
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