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Control and top speed – that’s what it is all about when you want to be on the podium. The 62, 71 and 85 are designed for blasting at PWA competition speed. Also, lighter riders remain in control even when fully overpowered enabling them to get up to top speed. The smallest 55 has proven its qualities on speed slalom tracks like the Defi Wind.

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racing / slalom / foil

Slalom plovak jp 2021 pro windsurfing karlin obrazek garda

Five core design elements guarantee the perfect setup for PWA racing:

DUAL TAIL OUTLINES – individually adjusted to each board size. The bottom outline features a new cut-out configuration reducing the wetted surface and creating multiple release points for low drag and high speed. The deck outline over the cut-outs is wider and due to the further outboard rear strap position the rider can load more power onto the fin for more control and speed.

TRANSFORMING VEE FLOW along the bottom – the Vee is strongly pronounced in front of the mast base, decreasing between the foot straps and opening again towards the tail. Thus, the board rides high and loose, ironing out all the chop. The transforming V results in a curvy rail line which makes gybing smoother and helps to exit the turn at full speed.

COMPACT CONCEPT – The parallel outline in the mid-section of the board maximizes the planing surface at the mast base, lifting the boards onto the plane instantly.

THIN PROFILE – in the nose area reduces drag since this is the part which is affected most by the wind. This in combination with a sunken deck means we managed to keep the swing weight centred for great top end control.

DECK SHAPES – are designed to produce maximum pressure and feel totally connected and in control. The concave deck reduces the swing weight and lowers the rig position for improved control.

The 85 produces a lot of racing power meaning early planing, fast acceleration and controlled gybing, as it carries all the speed through the turn and exits without slowing down.
It features an interesting tail cut-out configuration: The first cut-out starts much further forward and the curve of the cut-outs increases towards the tail. The tail is re-designed for a more even water flow around the fin in order to provide steady fin pressure for permanent power and top speed. The thick tail with the light V provides the lift and power in light winds. The V in the front adds curve to the rail line and prevents the nose from catching in straight lines and gybes.

The 55 (also a great board for the Defi Wind) and 62 come with the normal Tuttlebox. The 71 and 85 feature the specially reinforced JP Foil-Tuttlebox.

Speed across the wind!

Slalom plovak jp 2021 pro windsurfing karlin obrazek garda lod

1.Perfromance and PWA Slalom competition boards

5.New footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size

  • Scale for easy and quick adjustment to the foot size for all straps and on every board
  • Black color to prevent dirty looking straps

2.Dual Tail Outlines: Bottom and deck outline individually adjusted to each board size.

 6.Double Footstrap Plugs

  • 4 screws per strap for safety and a perfect connection between rider and board
  • 100% anti-twist

Only available on Ultimate Wave, Wave Slate, Freestyle and Slalom

3.Tuttlebox (55, 62); Foil-Tuttlebox (71, 85)

4.Parabolic Rails

  • works as stringer and reinforcement along the rail
  • less flex during a turn
  • quicker response to foot pressure

Slalom plovak jp 2021 pro windsurfing karlin obrazek garda speed

SLALOM Délka cm Šířka cm Litráž Váha +/-6%
Fin box Plachty
78 233 55 78 5.3 Tuttlebox ideal:<7.0 rec.:<7.0
95 232 62 95 6.0 Tuttlebox ideal:<7.8 rec.:<7.8
111 228 71 111 6.6 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:7.0-8.6 rec.:7.0-8.6
138 228 85 138 7.6 Foil-Tuttlebox ideal:<8.6 rec.:<8.6

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Rok výroby: 2021

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