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RRD Wave Cult Wood V7
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Nový WaveCult Wood V7 jako absolutně univerzální wave plovák na všechny druhy vln! Nový tvar plováku zajišťuje maximální ovladatelnost a komfortnost při jízdě na vlnách.

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We have worked on details and introduced dedicated and important innovations to the outline and definitely having an eye-catching shape.
The new WAVE CULT V7 has superb planing capabilities and is easy in all transitions but, at the same time, is very powerful in turns to perfectly meet even side and offshore conditions such as those in Cape Town and Ho’okipa.

Wave Cult V7 Wood je vyráběn ve velikostech: 74l, 82l, 92l, 104l.


Wave Cult V7 Wood Velikost Fin + Box system Doporučené plachty Váha ±5%
74 LTS 220 x 56 CM K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 Slotbox – K4 for RRD CENTER 17 SCORCHER Slotbox 3,3-5,0 6.7 KGS
82 LTS 222 x 57,5 CM K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 Slotbox – K4 for RRD CENTER 17 SCORCHER Slotbox 3.7-5.4 7.0 KGS
92 LTS 223 x 60CM K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 Slotbox – K4 for RRD CENTER 18 SCORCHER Slotbox 4.0-5.6 7.2 KGS
104 LTS 225 x 63 CM K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 Slotbox – K4 for RRD CENTER 20 SCORCHER US Box 4.5-6.0 7.5 KGS




  • Compared to the previous V6, we decided to add 2 boards to the line (the 68lts and 114lts) to meet everyone’s needs
  • The outline has been further shortened concentrating more volume in the central part
  • Completely re-thought tail with winger and soft diamond nose
  • 5 slotboxes for both thruster and quad set ups, with exception of the 104 lts and 114 lts which are only for a thruster fin use
  • New Footpads:  increased 8 mm thick “Duo Density” Eva footpad with 2x layer of different density to allow maximum heel support and perfect grip and durability
  •  Available in both LTD and Wood technology


Single shot / wood clear deck & glass / wood bottom

John Skye about the Wave Cult V7 LTD/Wood

“The Wave Cult has been my go-to board for years. I like to have one board that does everything and with the Wave Cult I know I can excel whatever the conditions, from cross onshore in the UK, through to howling Pozo through to side shore in Cape Town or Maui. The V7 has got even better for me mainly thanks to the winger pin tail. It makes the board so much more reactive in the turns and allows me to change the turn radius quickly and easily without losing any speed or flow”.



Single shot / wood clear deck & glass / wood bottom

Our ultimate Wood tecnology has been further improved and we were able to apply a much better construction compared to common Wood tecnologies which typically have focused solely on strength and impact resistance. This type of construction has been applied to our Wave Cult V7 as well as to the Freestyle Wave V4.

The new performance construction is able to combine strength and durability with lightweight by adding specific reinforcements and perfectly combining them underneath the Wood laminate. We have basically obtained a full sandwich board by adding PVC under the heel area togheter with unidirectional and biaxal fibers on the deck and on the bottom of the board. Those layers are combined together and placed very efficiently to reinforce the most stressed parts and leaving a lighter weight in less stressed areas.

wave cult wood v7 rrd windsurfing karlin
wave cult rrd w7 wood plovak technologie windsurfing karlin

The bottom of the board is the most complicated as it is subject to the strongest impacts, specially with wave boards. That’s why we have worked a lot on a construction which is able to prevent bottom cracks.

To improve resistance we have added 2 T-stringer engraved with glass in the EPS and, on top of them, we have placed a high density EPS. The HD EPS is only 5mm thick and is similar to PVC but lighter as its weight is only 48kg/m3. This special foam is the main support of the Wood veneer which is placed on top. Those layers are sofisticated and when combined together create a very solid structure and, at the same time, minimizing the weight of the board.

The Wood outside fully covers those layers like a shell and adds resistance to the board as it is one of the most strongest unidirectional fibers existing in nature. The Wood is still one of the strongest material in the market for building boards.



The Wave Cults Wood V7 are exclusively fitted with the  latest developed K4 high performance fins. K4 fins are unique to windsurfing as they are made using a high grade composite engineering polymer with a maximum fill of long strand fibres. The SCORCHER and the SHARK 2 are the latest developed K4 center and side fins. They perform exceptionally in terms of flex, reflex and resilience to damage. Compared to standard G-10 fins these fins are lighter and have a superior reflex memory.

finy windsurfing karlin wave cult v7


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