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Sticking to their proven formula of offering easy handling at incredible speed, these all-new free-race shapes are now more comfortable and easier to sail than ever. They release early, accelerate incredibly fast and fly freely over flatwater and chop alike. The comfortable stance will give you the confidence to push the boards and go as fast as possible. Due to their increased control they have the potential to offer higher top speeds than World Cup Slalom boards for the recreational sailor. It is now much easier to rail-up and carve powerful and dynamic gybes. Overall, they are faster and more fun!

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What our riders say

Greta Marchegger: “No need for a Slalom board to go fast…with the SuperSport you will roll your friends!”

Robby Swift: “This is actually the only non-wave board that I own. I love blasting up and down Maui’s coastline on light wind/no wave days and the Super Sport is my board of choice. It’s super fast, just like a slalom board but easier on the feet and knees when going long distances and also easier to gybe. I actually don’t even use a slalom sail on it, I just use my bigger Atlas’ and they work fine. It’s a great light wind blasting machine.”

Shape Details

The shapes are based on the slalom board concept but tuned to suit the demand and physical strength of performance-oriented recreational windsurfers. As such, these totally new Super Sports feature several elements of our Slalom line:

  • Being shorter they feel more compact now.
  • The parallel outline maximises the planing surface at the mast base lifting the boards onto the plane instantly.
  • The centred swing weight gives great top end control.
  • The deck concave around the mast base lowers the pivot point of the rig for additional control.
  • The bottom curve and V-flow of the Slalom boards were adjusted to improve the comfort and gybing ability. This efficiently contributes to the early release, loose ride and high water position.
  • The new tail configuration creates on the one hand a wider outline at the tail while at the same time reducing the overall volume.
  • The thinned-out rails throughout the whole board length combine comfort and efficiency. They provide tighter turns and easier gybing. Exiting the turn with speed will be as easy as going fast in a straight line.
  • The new tail cut-outs are responsible for great release and easy trimming of the board for a fast and comfortable ride.
  • The new tail outline and deck shape offers great leverage for better acceleration and top end performance.

Overall, all these new shape features help to put the already great planing performance of the Super Sport one little notch higher. But the most noticeable improvement is the smoothness of the ride, their comfort and ease.

Consequently, the boards can be set to high speed mode a lot easier and maintain this level with little effort. Also the thin rails and lower tail volume make initiating gybes at this high speed much smoother.

These new free-race designs feature JP‘s best balance between easy sailing and speed!

super ride plovak na windsurfing 2020 jp australia

1.Performance freeriders based on the latest slalom development

5.New Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size and 4 screw fixation

  • Scale for easy and quick adjustment to the foot size for all straps and on every board
  • Black color to prevent dirty looking straps

2.The new definition of ease and user-friendliness in the freerace class


3.Foil-Tuttlebox: Foil approved fin boxes - specially reinforced for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases

4.Parabolic Rails

  • works as stringer and reinforcement along the rail
  • less flex during a turn
  • quicker response to foot pressure

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SUPER SPORT PRO Délka cm Šířka cm Litráž Váha +/-6%
Finy Fin box Plachty
111 234 70 111 7.0 Slalom 40 G10 CNC Foil Tuttlebox ideal:5.5-7.7 rec.:5.0-8.2
122 234 76 122 7.5 Slalom 44 G10 CNC Foil Tuttlebox ideal:6.7-8.2 rec.:6.2-9.0
133 234 82 133 8.0 Slalom 48 G10 CNC Foil Tuttlebox ideal:7.2-9.0 rec.:<6.7

pro profil super sport windsurfing karlin jp 2020 australia

  Sizes 111 122 133
Size Length Area (cm2) Rec. Sails 5.0-8.2 6.2-9.0 >6.7
RIDE  – Tuttlebox  
32 13.4″ 297 5.0-7.0      
34 13.4″ 322 5.2-7.2 <6.7    
38 15.0″ 373 5.7-7.7 6.0-7.7 6.2-7.2  
40 15.8″ 370 6.0-8.0 5.7-7.7 6.2-7.7 <6.5
42 16.5″ 386 6.2-8.2 7.2-8.2 6.5-8.0 <7.7
46 18.1″ 438 6.7-9.0   7.7-8.7 <8.5
Slalom (G10) – Tuttlebox  
30,0 11.8″ 216        
32,0 12.6″ 235        
34,0 13.4″ 257   <6.7    
36,0 14.2″ 278   5.5-7.5 <7.2  
38,0 15.0″ 299   6.0-7.7 6.2-7.2  
40,0 15.8″ 320   5.7-7.7 6.2-7.7 <6.5
42,0 16.5″ 344   7.2-8.2 6.5-8.0 <7.7
44,0 17.3″ 366   7.8-8.5 6.7-8.2 <8.0
46,0 18.1″ 389     7.7-8.7 <8.5
48,0 18.9″ 411     8.2-9.0 7.2-9.0
50,0 19.7″ 434       >8.2
52 (DTB) 20.5″ 458       >8.7
         This fin comes with the board (TB = Tuttle Box) (DTB = Deep Tuttle Base)
Weed Freeride (G10) – Tuttlebox  
31,0 12.2″ 368 6.2-7.8 6.2-7.7 6.2-7.7 6.2-7.7
32,0 14.2″ 439 7.0-9.0 7.0-8.2 7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0
34,0 16.5″ 569 >7.5   >7.5 >7.5
36,0 19.7″ 681 >8.0    


Foil approved fin boxes – specially reinforced for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases

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