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New 2021. Since its dawn this line featured a magic combination of ease, stability and good performance. The second generation featured more life and agility. Now, the all-new 3rd generation is here! The shape adjustments make it significantly easier to control at speed and through the chop.

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Doprava zdarma
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Kamenná prodejna v Praze
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magic ride jp australie boards 2021 lxt and es windsurfing karlin garda

Shape Details

You will be stunned by the light and easy handling when blasting along.

  • Still based on a thin and wide platform with adjusted proportions.
  • Slightly narrower at the centre and longer -> the stretched-out waterline makes early planing easier and lifts the board effortlessly onto the plane. It provides the rider more directional stability at speed and more upwind power
  • Even volume distribution keeps the centre of gravity close to the mast base
  • Wide nose makes it a more stable platform when non-planing.
  • Wide tail outline -> offers great release, reduces drag and improves high wind control.
  • Increased V-flow underneath for a more comfortable ride, improved gybing and an exciting lively feel
  • Smooth deck shape guarantees a comfortable stance in every foot strap option
  • Easy entering into the straps
  • Good leverage to load up the fin

The true freerider: What is astonishing about this board line is its ease and smoothness. You’ll step on it and everything will happen naturally and predictably. The feel is “familiar” – like putting on an old pair of shoes: It just fits! Relaxed and confident you’ll achieve more speed now than on ordinary freeride boards before. Despite these easy-riding characteristics, performance and agility are not compromised. The hull feels quick, lively and responsive. Planing readily, it provides traction which inspires you to push your fun and adrenaline and lets the board fly on its fin – in control!

Master of the turn: It feels effortless and refined even in challenging sea states. Still featuring the respected “autopilot qualities”, the MR requires little input from the rider and its forgiveness will pamper the intermediate rider and up his success rate of gybes.
At the same time its rail bite will encourage the more advanced rider to push harder and corner with full dedication: Tighter and tighter turns, classic freestyle like duck gybes and carving 360s will be the name of the game. It’s never been easier to enter the turn at speed, plane through or to learn and to master any kind of gybe.

Magic Ride  159: Longer than the other sizes, it is stable and accessible and thus the perfect board for anyone stepping down from a beginner board with daggerboard. It is specially tuned for easy, early planing! Experiencing the planing sensation and getting hooked on the feeling happens naturally.

A new epitome of freeriding: A state of the art synergy between easy handling and performance. This manoeuvre-oriented freeride board upped its overall ease and performance in all conditions. The ease, smoothness, forgiveness and control enable new performance levels and improve everyone’s riding fun.
If it’s about freeriding, then here is the MAGIC!

magic ride jp australie boards 2021 lxt and es windsurfing karlin foil

1.Easiest planing and gybing

5.Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size

2.Increased bottom V for better control and more comfort

6.The 159 is longer than the other sizes and very stable which makes it the perfect board for everyone stepping down from a beginner board with daggerboard.
3.Foil-Powerbox (LXT); in combination with the NP Glide Wind foil one of the easiest setups to start foiling

4.Parabolic Rails (LXT)


magic ride jp australie boards 2021 lxt and es windsurfing karlin krasny obrazek

MAGIC RIDE LXT Délka cm Šířka cm Litráž Váha +/-6%
Finy Fin box Plachty
99 239 66 99 6.5 Ride 32 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:4.5-6.5 rec.:4.0-7.0
109 241 70 109 7.2 Ride 36 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:5.0-7.0 rec.:4.7-7.5
119 241 74 119 7.5 Ride 38 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:5.5-7.5
129 244 77 129 7.8 Ride 40 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:6.0-8.0 
139 249 80 139 8.1 Ride 44 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:6.2-8.5 
149 251 83 149 8.4 Ride 48 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:6.4-9.5 
159 255 83.5 159 8.6 Ride 52 G10 CNC Foil Powerbox ideal:<6.6

rail LXT jp australie 2021 windsurfing karlin


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Rok výroby: 2021

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