Pádlo sklolaminát RRD Easy

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Značka: RRD
2 500 Kč 2 800 Kč od 2 500 Kč
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Tato kategorie pádla je vyvinuta pro jezdce na základní úrovni. K dispozici 2 dílné a také 3 dílné. Easy padlo je na pul sklolaminátové a na pul z hliníku.

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sklolaminát / hliník / 2 dílné / 3 dílné


easy padlo hlinik sklolaminat rrd y25 windsurfing karlin

This category of paddle is developed for entry level riders. Available as standard adjustable or 3 pieces shaft.
The blade is made with fiberglass loaded polymers with a surface of 100 SQI.
The blade shape has a special prism-like concave to create both a stiff structure and an efficient water flow. The full glass shaft guarantees a light weight and a correct flex on every stroke. This paddle is the top choice for anyone that wants to go from zero to hero! The Easy paddle is also available in a KID size with a narrow diameter shaft (26mm) and a special square blade of 76 SQI.

easy range of use rrd y25 karlin shop sup


Model Trubka Trubka (průměr mm) Vnitřní trubka List Povrch listu (SQI) Clamp Držák Váha (gr)
2 dílné - nastavitelné sklolaminát 29 sklolaminát plast+sklolaminát 100 2 PIN BLOCK ANTITWIST plast 830 gram
3 dílné - nastavitelné sklolaminát 29 sklolaminát plast+sklolaminát 100 2 PIN BLOCK ANTITWIST + PIN LOCK plast 930 gram


Detail paddles RRD

2 pin lock system   antitwist rail   t-handle
rrd-paddle-2-pin-lock-sistem-y25   rrd-paddle-anti-twist-trail-y25   rrd-paddle-t-handle-y25
All the adjustable RRD paddle are equipped with the new two pin block clamp. This new block allows a perfect closure between the inner handle tube and the shaft   A total new design to fix the inner shaft on the ADJ paddle. The new RRD anti TWIST inner shaft ensures that the handle and the blade are always lined up correctly. All of our models are equipped with the Anti-Twist system.   The shape allows maximum energy transfer and comfort during long periods paddling. Perfect for beach-race and long-distance race.

v-spine   abs rail   oval shaft
rrd-paddle-v-spon-y25   rrd-paddle-abs-rail-y25   rrd-paddle-oval-shaft-y25
Conceived to guarantee the perfect stability during the power application. The results offer very stable, effective power during the stroke phase with super fast exit. Great for catching waves, racing, and touring.   2 cm thick abs profile along the paddle blade outline to prevent damage on the rail of the board   The new RRD Dynamic pro race paddle M and L are available with the new oval full carbon shaft. Precise and controlled grip shaped to naturally fit in hand for the most direct tracking and alignment.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Pádla
Materiál: Hliník, Sklolaminát
? Počet dílu: 2-dílné, 3-dílné
Typ pádla: Začátečnické, Pokročile
? Délka: 165cm - 215cm

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