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Značka: Point-7
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Freeride plachta od Point-7 Ac-F z kolekce Zero2022.

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Doprava zdarma
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Kamenná prodejna v Praze
Od Roku 2005 stále na stejné adrese
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Komplexní servis a poradenství
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acf plachta point7 super plachta windsurfing karlin

l-graphDESIGNED FORr-graph

Everyone ready to just have lots of quality Fun, Freedom, Friendly handlingThere are many freeride sails on the market, but this is one pure performance and exclusive freeride sail. Its duty is simply to let riders enjoy the magic of the sport!  It’s not built to be the beginner freeride sail, but a real quality-built tutor.


With looks that can deceive, the AC-F uses its form in the best way possible and exhibits plenty of blasting performance. Bold obvious power delivery, with plenty of natural range, the AC-F possesses Point-7s insatiable urge for speed and blasting without it being an overbearing attribute.

l-graphIT'S CHARACTERr-graph

The AC-F features a super light construction, early planing, easy handling and demands very little from its user to work optimally. Speed, maneuverability, power, easy. A mix of all the AC lines, with a lot fun inside. It’s called freeride, but the battens are displaced with three kinds of different tube diameters, the graphics are stepping up to show off luxury. The slightly longer boom allows the AC-F to give more push than expected to even the larger volume boards. You can take the three smaller sizes bump and jumping in the waves, and the bigger 2 sizes on free race boards, with the 6-batten setup to amaze yourself with the speed in real light conditions. With three tubed battens incorporated, x-ply in the alternating batten pockets to mitigate stretch, and no fewer finishing details than you see on any other Point-7 sail, the AC-F is a well-considered sail, with plenty of durability built-in to withstand the inevitable abuse and wipeouts an intermediate experiences whilst progressing.

l-graphON THE WATERr-graph

We call it freeride, others would call it something more. The acceleration, the maneuverability of the small sizes, the stability when over powered is a great blend between a wave and slalom sail. In the hands it will be effortless and fun. The 6.9 and 7.5 are not made for being the freeride sail for maneuvers, but the easiest and fastest freeride sail on the market.


l-graphWHAT'S NEW FOR 2022r-graph

The 6.4 size upgraded to a free slalom cut like the 6.9 and 7.5 of the range. The smaller 2 sizes, 5.4 and 5.9 have been lowered in the clew and re-worked in the leach to increase the comfort and reactivity of the sail.


acf na torbole italie point7 plachta windsurfing karlin



The Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning PWA tittle sails in Slalom, Waves and Freestyle.


The AC-F sits in the Point-7 range as their freeride sail, designed specifically for fun and user-friendliness. Whilst its stable-mate, the AC-X, is focused on providing race-like performance in no-cam form, it is easy to make the distinction that the AC-F is targeted towards “light wind qualities over high wind performance.

Velikost Luff Stěžeň Typ stežně Doporučeny carbon % Nástavec Váha (5Kg+-) Ráhno Spiry
5,4 424 400 rdm/sdm K87, K97 28 3.33 176+-2 5
5,9 440 430 rdm/sdm K87, K97 12 3.52 188+-2 5
6,4 456 430 rdm/sdm K87, K97 28 3.80 202+-2 5
6,9 470 460 rdm/sdm K87, K97 12 3.99 198+-2 6
7,5 494 460 rdm/sdm K87, K97 38 4.18 210+-2 6

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Freeride
? Počet Spir: 5, 6
Rok výroby: 2022
? Doporučeny stěžeň: RDM / SDM
#sizes_table#: hidden

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