Plachta RRD Firewing MK6 7.0

Kód: 6981/7.0
B - dobrý
2 hodnocení
Značka: RRD
24 800 Kč –68 %
Firewing MK6 rrd windsurfing karlin
24 800 Kč –68 % 8 000 Kč
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Bazarová kembrova plachta RRD Firewing MK6 ve velikosti 7.0

Detailní informace

Detailní popis produktu

A change to vertical seam shaping has meant we could increase the foil depth, whilst at the same time keeping that foil locked forward where it is controllable. This not only added power, but more importantly increased the stability of the sail and allowed us to increase the boom length for more drive. The leech has been opened in the mid section, whilst keeping it relatively tight through the top, which helps to keep the board pinned to the water for control, whilst the sail still releases. The Firewing offers huge top end top blitz down the reaches, low end drive to pull you out of gybe marks and all of this in a soft and easy to use package that will see you standing tall on the podium, or smashing your GPS records.

firewing plachta od rrd mk6 2018 zavodni windsurfing karlin 2

John Skye NOTES

The new Firewing is another level. We literally have spend hours, days and months tuning and refining the sail to maximise performance. For me control is really important so everything about the new design was focused on maximising performance whilst keeping ease of use and control right in the centre. With this sail I am going faster than ever with minimum effort”. 

firewing plachta od rrd mk6 2018 zavodni windsurfing karlin 4

 Vlastnosti a výhody

  • 5.2-6.2 – 7 battens and RDM mast for increased comfort and manoeuvrability in strong winds.
  • 7.0 – 7 battens and SDM mast for ideal balance of weight, manoeuvrability  and stability.
  • 7.8-9.2 – 8 battens and SDM mast for pure power and stability in lighter winds.
  • Longer boom – Improved drive
  • NEW Performance construction – Complex mix of materials throughout the sail to give the perfect blend of light weight, strength and style
  • Head curve – Reduction in the top batten length to reduce tip swing weight.
  • NEW Integrated Trim System
technologie mk6 firewing widnsurfing karlin
  1. Overlapping pocketless battens – to keep weight to a minimum
  2. Modified leech size by size – for maximum performance in different conditions
  3. Additional 4th cam
  4. Wider luff sleeve
  5. Power clew system – twin eyelets for increased tuning range


FIREWING MK6 Luff Ráhno(±2CMS) Spiry Kembry Doporučeny stěžeň Head
5.2 404 178 7 4 Firewing RDM 370 FIXED
5.6 412 182 7 4 Firewing RDM 400 FIXED
6.2 428 192 7 4 Firewing RDM 400 FIXED
7.0 458 205 7 4 Firewing 430 FIXED
7.8 484 218 8 4 Firewing 460 FIXED
8.6 504 228 8 4 Firewing 490 FIXED
9.2 520 236 8 4 Firewing 490/520 FIXED

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Plachy
Rok výroby: 2018
? Počet Cambru: 4 cams
? Počet Spir: 7
? Doporučeny stěžeň: RDM / SDM


RRD firewing MK6 x-fire v10

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