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Téměř nový freeride kiteboard včetně Rad Padů a Fin. Má speciální set-up uzpůsobený pro jednoho nebo dva jezdce! Placebo V7 Osvědcené a velmi oblíbené prkno v novém hávu!

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v7 placebo predni strana windsurfing karlin rrdv7 placebo zadni strana windsurfing karlin rrd 

With nearly a decade in the line up, the Placebo continues to represent accessibility, consistency, and comfort. Freeriding can be defined as having fun and the Placebo V7 is the freeride machine! We haven’t only lowered the barrier to entry into the sport but we actually made kiteboarding easier and more fun with the new V7!

Talking about more fun: we added an extra double set of strap inserts on the 142×45 sized board, so you can enjoy a tandem ride!

Due to its generous width, length, rocker line, and outline, that is expertly paired with the correct flex and feet response dynamics, the Placebo V7’s forgiving nature creates the perfect mix of comfort, fun, and support on the water. With the new 3D top sheet and thinner rails, this board is now lighter than its previous predecessors, cuts through chop like warm butter, and carves through turns as smooth as silk under your feet. The new Placebo V7 will enable its riders to put in the long hours necessary to accelerate their progress to the next level with comfort and ease. There is no need to hold back when pushing yourself to the next level. The new Placebo has firmly solidified its position as a true progression machine.

Don’t be surprised if you mistake yourself for an expert after the first time on the new Placebo V7.

greta rrd placebo v7 windsurfing karlin
range placebo rrd v7 windsurfing karlinstyle placebo rrd v7 windsurfing karlin
  • Biaxial fibers layup
  • Tip outline with a slight concave and rounded swallow tip design
  • Generous width and length
  • Correct flex and feet response dynamics
  • On the 142 x 45: extra set of strap inserts so you can enjoy a ‘Tandem Ride’!
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136 X 39
137 X 40
138 X 41
139 X 42
140 X 43
142 X 45

RRD Placebo V7 from RRD International on Vimeo.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Kiteboardy
Rok výroby: 2019
Styl jízdy: Freeride
Finy: 4 x Flow 5
? Vázaní : Originální RRD Rad Pad
? Materiál: LTE

RRD Placebo V7 139 2019 - Kiteworld Freeride Twin-Tip Test

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